Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to our blog, We Are CHS. Middle Georgia is fortunate to have such skilled and advanced yet caring and compassionate healthcare providers. Coliseum Medical Centers, Coliseum Northside Hospital and Coliseum Center for Behavioral Health are proud to be leaders in our medical community.

Each day we are challenged with providing our patients and their families with the latest, most state-of-the-art services while demonstrating that we are caring and committed healthcare professionals. It is our hope that you see how much the administration and staff at our hospitals love our jobs – the job of bringing you quality healthcare services.

We want to become a part of your families and lives. You will see us in the hospitals sharing in the joys of new babies and successful surgeries and providing that comforting touch or word in more difficult times. In the community, we will be involved in organizations that make a difference like the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, United Way and Boys & Girls Clubs just to name a few.

Join us on our blog as we celebrate staff accomplishments and encourage interaction with our administration. I welcome your feedback.

Thank you for visiting our blog, We Are CHS.