Posted in May 2014

Memorial Day Moments

Memorial Day Moments

I am so very thankful for all of the men and women who have served our country, sacrificed for our freedom and who currently sit in wait to keep us safe. There is no more honorable servant than those who are willing to lay down their lives so we might continue to safely live ours. … Continue reading

Welcoming In The Holiday Weekend

In order to welcome in the¬†Memorial Day Weekend I am sharing some of my favorite things with you. Are you wondering which of these will be a part of my weekend? Come on – take a guess!¬†Enjoy your holiday & stay safe. Candi    

Getting To Know Your CNO!

This week marks my 11th month as the CNO of Coliseum Health System and, while I have met many of you, I still see faces I don’t recognize. I want to get to know you all better and for you to have a sense of who I am. I am pleased to be the ‘guest … Continue reading

Upcoming Posts…

I am real excited about the blog as a way to communicate thoughts about our organization and share information about things happening around our campuses. Over the next several weeks, I am going to let the new members of our leadership team use this forum to introduce themselves to you and provide a bit … Continue reading