Hospital Week Celebration

Hopefully everyone had an opportunity to enjoy the fresh grilled hamburgers and hot dogs at Coliseum yesterday. We will do it today for Coliseum Northside. We were fortunate with the weather yesterday and today is absolutely spectacular! I thought the cookout yesterday was, and will be today at CNH, an outstanding event and time for us to celebrate the great work we provide to our patients, their families, and our physicians. It is also a time to reflect on our organization’s impact on the community as an economic force for our region. Our business is different from other industries, and is very much worthy of celebration. Not only do we produce a product like all other businesses, but along the way we also get to improve human life and well-being. We make a difference! Whether it is welcoming a new child into a family, helping someone heal and recover through the surgical process or acute illness, or being there to comfort patients and their loved ones through process of death and dying. Our product is different and each and every one of you make a difference. Be proud of your efforts and be proud to be a part of CHS! Happy Hospital Week!

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