CNH Weekly Wrap-up

I am happy to report to you that my wife, 2 dogs and furniture have arrived in Macon! We are so happy to be part of Macon and Northside Hospital. Now the difficult job…unpacking all the boxes! I am lucky to have Lynda, CEO of casa de Daugherty, taking care of the house so that I can remain focused here with you developing our services and growing our hospital.

It has been a pretty slow week for surgical volume coming off the 4th of July holiday. We have 3 surgeons out this week (Dr’s Barnes, Jeshuran and Stapleton) accounting for our lower volume. We are still up on surgeries by 10% over last year and ED volume remains strong up almost 17%. This is driven by the outstanding job each of you do every day here at Northside. Above all of the metrics we measure, patient and physician satisfaction with our hospital remain at all-time highs. Thanks for being accountable to each other as well as our patients, families and physicians on the strong culture of service that we are known for here. People may forget your name when they leave but they will not forget how you made them feel.

We are in the planning stages of many exciting projects that include redevelopment of our Wound Care Center, re-marketing of the sleep lab, new ED billboards and outdoor directional signage. Long term plans are to expand OR and ED and add some much needed funding for equipment in radiology and OR. As you know, money is always a scarce resource and we need to pace our spending and make sure it has the intended impact which is to provide better care for our patients to grow our hospital. Be patient as we work through this process.

 We received our physician survey results back and are reviewing those now among the Sr. Team. We will be presenting these to our physicians, MEC and Board in the very near future. We will also be asking them to help guide us to improve in the areas they have indicated in their survey.

New faces – Dr. Michael Thornsberry, Chief Medical Officer – you should begin seeing him here routinely beginning next week.

                          Jessica Hatcher – Director of Patient Experience will be joining us soon from Coliseum Behavioral Health to lead our efforts to continue to evolve as a premier service organization

 Have a great weekend and thanks for being part of the Northside team!


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