Weekly communique–Mike Garfield Interim CEO

Good morning. My stay in Macon has been fantastic and have met many great associates and medical staff within our facility. One thing I will be starting is a weekly communication through e-mail that I can get to you the latest news and important communication about happenings at Coliseum Medical Centers.It will be informative, bullet format and take into account all the highlights of the blogs for the week with some items by our administrative team. I promise, only highlights and one page. Until then, thank you for everything you are doing to make our facility the best medical center in Macon!!

One thought on “Weekly communique–Mike Garfield Interim CEO

  1. Welcome to Macon and Coliseum Medical Center! We have an amazing team at CMC, especially in the Emergency Room. The first quarter of this year our ER was ranked in the top 9% of all HCA ERs….amazing patient satisfaction delivered by the ER team who works in an extremely dynamic and critical environment. Good HCAHPS scores are tough to achieve in the ER setting with high acuity patients and our staff works very hard to make our patients and their families experience excellent care. CMC continues to lead the South Atlantic division in the ER HCAHPS in the Gallup push report from April, Q2 2014. Coliseum ER rocks 🙂

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