Northside Weekly Wrap-up 7/18/14

Well not a normal week in so many ways! After a slow start to the month we accelerated quickly with surgical volume and admissions. We really stressed and tested our systems and processes and I know many of you were stressed but continued to provide the exceptional care our physicians and patients have come to expect. My special thanks to the OR team who worked short and late several nights this week.

As we see our volume increasing we are responding with resources as well. Pat, Ryan and Heath have been working on new positions for the OR (nurse, tech, attendant,instrument processor) and a PRN RN for 3rd floor. We will continue to monitor needs as our business grows. Our people make the difference and we want to make sure you have the resources to provide the care our patients have come to expect. Thanks for your patience as we look for new faces to strengthen our culture. We continue to work with Dr. Fleming to increase our anesthesia availability and should have that resolved very soon. It is exciting to be building volume!

I visited with President Bill Underwood of Mercer University today. He is very interested in working with our Health System and once the permanent CEO is selected for Coliseum I think there is real opportunity for us to do some great things with the college and medical school. Dr. Thornsberry (CMO) is meeting with Dr. Bina, Dean of the Medical School, next week to get acquainted and begin to build a relationship with the college.

As some of you know my father-in-law joined my wife and I last week here in Macon. Unfortunately, he began to show some signs of illness and I brought him to the ED today. I experienced a great team at work who made things so easy as he got his diagnosis. He will be with us for a few days but with the diagnosis of Dr. Pham and Garrision, we believe he will make a full recovery and be at home and healthy to celebrate his 90th birthday next Wednesday! Thanks to the ED, lab, ED and med/surg unit staff. You are the best!

Have a great weekend!