Northside Hospital Weekly Update 7/30/14

On a personal note I want to let you know what a great resource we have in Coliseum Medical Centers Inpatient Rehab Unit. My father-in-law is getting great results after his brain surgery and the staff is so nice and patient as he works back to independence. That is what a health system is all about – meeting our community’s needs across the two campuses with seamless transitions for our patients. My thanks to the wonderful team there and you should all be very comfortable referring our patients,  or like me, your family to this great center of care.

I spent this week reviewing the verbatim comments from the employee survey. Thank you to those who took the survey and especially those who shared your thoughts in the comment section. This along with the soon to be scheduled review of the survey results and action planning sessions will help us become an even stronger organization and the place to work in Macon.

I know voice is always an area of improvement so I want to remind everyone of two committees we have where you can share your voice or share your thoughts with Northside’s representatives on these committees. The first is the Employee Advisory Group. We ask them for feedback on a variety of issues and policies and they bring forward issues that are of interest to you and improving the work environment. Our representatives on that committee are: Pat Derrico, James Gay, Peggy Punziano and Liana Rogers. The other is the Employee Activity – this is a fun committee that does just what the name says.  Our representatives are: Joyce Smith, Lisa Brown, Jessica Moore, Peggy Punziano, Carla Lewis and Becky Whiddon. If you are interested in serving on either of these committees please talk to your Director/Manager or Human Resources.

Human Resources presence on the CNH campus has also been an area where you identified you would like to improve. We have been working with the HR team to provide some regular presence here at CNH. Beginning the week of August 11, 2014 there will be an HR representative here on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7:30am – 12:00. This should allow for both days and nights to catch them on our campus. We are also making plans to have replacement name badges available on our campus. Stay tuned for when that is in place. My Thanks to Laura, Bill and Chris for making this happen.

We have a new benefit you should all know about and consider. It is the Employee Stock Purchase Plan that has not been available for several years. This is a great savings plan or way to build your retirement fund. Here is some more information:

HCA ESPP Enrollment Period is Aug. 1-15

The HCA Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) allows you to set aside a small amount of each paycheck, on an after-tax basis, to purchase shares of HCA stock at a discount. Eligible employees are invited to participate during the first enrollment period Aug. 1-15. An informational brochure was mailed to employees last week.

Who is Eligible for the ESPP?: You are eligible to participate in the ESPP if you are a full-time, part-time or PRN employee of an HCA-affiliated facility and you have been employed for at least two consecutive months as of the first day of the offering period. For the first enrollment period, you must be employed by July 1, 2014.

 How to Enroll: During the first enrollment period from Aug. 1-15, employees can log in to and click on Employee Stock Purchase Plan to enroll. Please note that the enrollment link will not be available until Aug. 1. The Merrill Lynch/Computershare call center will also not be available to answer ESPP questions until that time.

There are lots of great things happening to strengthen our hospital to better serve our patients. It all starts with the great work you do here every day: the compassion and caring you show for our patients and families, your expertise in your respective fields and the confidence our medical staff has in the care you provide their patients. Everyone is important and necessary in the care continuum. I am proud to represent you as the CEO of CNH and am excited about the future of our hospital.