Posted in August 2014

Coliseum Northside Hospital Weekly Wrap-up 8/22/14

A couple of new items have been or will be implemented to continue to streamline the Emergency Department, aka “the front door” of the hospital. These are necessary as we continue to see big volume increases through the ED with a 32% increase this month over the prior year. First we have added wireless technology … Continue reading

Meet Todd Dixon, CMC COO

Did you ever attempt to write a blog introducing yourself?  It is not as easy as it sounds.  In thinking about an introduction, one must think about his own identity in order to explain that to others.  That can be a revealing process with both good and bad connotations.  For example, when I think of … Continue reading

Coliseum Northside Hospital Weekly Update 8/15/14

We continue to see fabulous growth in all aspects of the hospital. So far in August our ED visits are up 30%, OR volume is up 44% and admits projected to be up about 3%. Thanks to all of you who work to make this the hospital physicians and patients choose for their care. Every … Continue reading