Coliseum Northside Hospital Weekly Wrap-up 8/22/14

A couple of new items have been or will be implemented to continue to streamline the Emergency Department, aka “the front door” of the hospital. These are necessary as we continue to see big volume increases through the ED with a 32% increase this month over the prior year. First we have added wireless technology to our iSTAT point of care analyzers. This eliminates the entry and potential errors, associated with manual data entry and makes the results more readily available to the physicians. In November we will be adding ultrasound to the tools our ED physicians have to more quickly rule in or out diagnosis with this technology. Last we have added additional provider hours to help manage the volume growth. We are still evaluating both a remodel and potential expansion of our existing ED for better patient throughput. We continue to have the lowest wait time in Macon despite the large increase in volume. My thanks to the teamwork that Mike and his team exhibit, and the collaboration with the ED physicians to make this possible.

 On September 17th we will “go live” with our telestroke service. This will help with our path to becoming a primary stroke center and supporting the larger strategy of moving CMC to a comprehensive stroke center. This network approach will allow us to become the provider of choice for stroke in Macon and a referral center for the rural hospitals that surround us. April Watson will be leading this service development along with Dr. Thornsberry, Pat Derrico and the stroke coordinator at CMC. This will widen our capabilities to care for the North Macon and south Monroe County communities.

 Next week, August 28th we are having an employee appreciation tailgate. As part of that celebration we are suspending the dress code for that day only so that you may wear your favorite football team colors. NO JEANS for this event and please make sure your dress is appropriate to your area. If you are unsure please talk with your director/manager. Also, I have been challenged by many of my friends to the ALS ice bucket challenge so I will make myself available on this day for those who would like to help me complete this challenge. Yes, you get to dump ice water on me and film it! Burrrrrr!

 We continue to have excellent performance on all of our quality initiatives: patient experience, Core Measures, hospital acquired conditions. ……….CNH is ALL GREEN – 100% – in EVERY INPATIENT CORE MEASURE for 2nd Quarter!!!  We are 100% Green thus far in 3QTR! Thanks for the teamwork among our nursing staff and Quality Department! We must all always keep the patient as the focus of the care we deliver – the right care every time.

 The heart teams are really working hard to help us meet our goal. We are currently at 10,229 on the way to our goal of $43,000. Thanks for supporting this great event to fight heart disease. Big Yard sale set for September 9th here at CNH. Bring all those things you no longer have a use for and help us make our goal.

 Thanks for your continued focus on providing great care to our patients. You are the ones who make it happen every day and we appreciate you sharing your time and talent here at Northside Hospital.