Steve Daugherty’s Weekly Wrap-up

We had a rip roaring month in October surpassing almost every metric we follow. Admits were 232 vs 168 last year, surgical cases were up 48% over the prior year and ED visits continue to impress with a 28% increase! Our secret is out! You are providing a great environment for our patients and they are telling their friends and physicians. We must continue our focus on our patients and their families: bedside reporting, hourly patient rounds and everyone’s attention on answering call lights quickly. One the most dangerous activities we participate in everyday is medication administration. It is critical if you follow the best and safest practice when performing this activity: 2 patient identifiers, always scan the medicine, make sure it is the right dose and correct route of administration, if a controlled substance be sure to waste any excess safely and explain all medication each time to the patient and the possible side effects.

A quick shout out recognize our Radiology Techs this week. Thanks for your part in providing the very best care to our patients.

You asked for it! Patricks’ Sweet Tea will now be available in the cafeteria daily! My thanks to Patrick and Clara for making this great heart walk fundraiser available year round here at CNH.

We need your help! We now have an employee referral program to help us fill our open positions. Great way to put a little more money in the checkbook ($1000) and there is no limit on how many you times you can participate. There is now an icon on Insight (our intranet site) that links you to the policy and form that needs to be filled out. Bring us your best!

Only 2 weeks from our HCA Quality Review Survey, November 17-20. We will be looking at every corner of our hospital and all patient care functions to be sure we are meeting all HCA, local, state and federal quality standards. Tracers will be done daily and the surveyors want to talk to you and understand how we provide safe care to our patients. Thanks in advance for your preparation and participation in this important survey.

Benefits open enrollment is now live on November 4th – 18th. You should have received your packet in the mail to review the plans. If you have questions please call HR or stop by on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30 – 12:00.

We have a lot of activities planned for the holidays. The first up will be the hospital wide Thanksgiving meal tentatively scheduled for Monday the 24th and a meal served for the staff working on Thanksgiving Day both lunch and evening meal.


Recognition from our patients and physicians:

Dr. Vaughn called Administration to say that she has been “so impressed” lately with what she is hearing from her patients regarding our ER at CNH.  Sent a patient to our ER last week and the new ER physician called her personally to thank her for sending the patient and update her on his condition.  She sent another patient this week and the patient said the place was amazing and so much better than when she has visited in the past.  Dr. Vaughn went on to say that she could really tell the positive changes that were happening at CNH and  just wanted us to know.

Ms. A.S is a patient that came in last week for a mammogram.  She stopped by the office today specifically to tell me that we have the “best mammogram department in central Georgia”.  She said that the room is so inviting and makes you feel so comfortable.  She also said that we have a “gem” in Karla Lewis and that no mammogram technician has ever made her feel more at home.  She says that she and her friends don’t ever want to go anywhere else.

From one of our spine patients and her husband – “Far surpassed all expectations!  From the moment I walked in this hospital, I was treated by friendly, caring, and compassionate people.  Even the receptionist at the front desk was fantastic!  I have not had a single negative occurrence.  I have enjoyed my stay here and will recommend this hospital to my friends.  Keep up the excellent work!  thank you –Misty, Ramon, Jamie, Josh, Auneen, Lee, Blair, Debbie, Chris. Presented to ALL on the 3rd floor because together they made this my MOST pleasurable hospital stay!!!” They told me that everyone was included in the Star Award, dietary, housekeeping, everyone.

“Prior to my surgery, your pre-registration process was quick, extremely efficient and saved a lot of time before entering your facility.  The employees upon registration onsite were kind, very efficient and knowledgeable, explaining your patient portal system and our multiple questions very well.  I have had other surgical procedures over my 70 years, but nothing compares to the thoroughly professional, efficient and caring concerns of your staff and the extraordinary sensitivity to patient needs as your staff displays.”

What you do makes a difference! Thanks for being part of the CNH Team.