As the Holiday Season Approaches..

Hello All –

As the holidays approach, it is not uncommon for various business associates to offer our employees or departments gifts as a holiday thank you in recognition of the great work that is being done throughout the year.  While we greatly appreciate the gesture of any such offerings, we do have policies that govern how much any employee can accept in a calendar year.

Below are some key points to remember this time of year regarding the topic of accepting gifts from business associates (Physicians or Other Referral Sources, Suppliers, Other Vendors, Patients, Patients’ Families, etc.):

  • There is a $75 limit per calendar for any employee that may be offered a gift from a business associate.
  • There is no dollar limit on perishable or consumable items (fruit trays, cookies, catered meals, etc.) if a business associate offers this to a department.  However, no single vendor should offer this more than 6 times per year.
  • Company employees may accept gift certificates or gift cards from a business associate within the $75/calendar year threshold, but can never accept cash or financial instruments (stocks, checks, etc.).
  • Employees should never solicit gifts from business associates.

The full policy (EC.023) is available should you need to reference it.

Thank you,

Heath King

Chief Financial Officer

Interim Ethics and Compliance Officer

Coliseum Health System

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