Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up

I want to thank everyone for their participation in our Quality Review Survey. This is one of the most rigorous survey’s we participate in and it is designed to educate, help us improve processes and be prepared for any other survey such as the Joint Commission. During the survey they identify items which we need to improve on or put into place if they are missing. Some of the items identified are expired items left in stock (drugs, batteries, food, etc.), missing documentation (restraints, flow sheets for PCA pumps) and timeliness of assessments and reassessments. Your Directors and managers will be participating in assembling action plans to address these deficiencies and we will be auditing these going forward to insure we have put process and accountability in place in order to sustain improvements in the areas identified. There will be a lot of education needed to meet our goal of sustained improvement and I appreciate you commitment to improving the care environment for our patients.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our hospital wide Thanksgiving meal. I know that Jackie, Clara and the team in FNS are preparing a great meal for us to enjoy!

We are just about a month away from CNH and CMC going to tobacco free campuses. I know for some this will be a difficult transition. Please take advantage of the smoking cessation classes, set a goal, ask a friend to support you or see your physician as they may also be able to help with some prescription medication if needed. We want to set the example for our patients and community.

Congratulations to both CNH #1 and CMC #3 in the South Atlantic Division in patient experience! When our patients have a great experience they come back and they tell their friends. Your efforts to make those interactions and care personalized makes all the difference in how people feel about their stay with us. Please continue the hourly rounding, bedside reporting and be sure to manage each other up as you hand off your patients each day. A healthy and vibrant work environment is often filled with co-workers complimenting each other.


We have had several compliments over the last few weeks when former patients or their families come in for their records.  When people come in here, they are usually frustrated about something.  Either they are trying to apply for disability, their insurance company is denying part or all of their stay, they are needing to follow up with a specialist who might be out of town,  their family member may have passed so they are getting it for insurance reasons, lots of reasons.  Trunell in our department does a great job of handling whatever they need and ensuring them that we are here to help them with their aftercare that hospital stays sometimes produce.  They are always very grateful to her and on MANY occasions say that they are not really surprised at the efficiency because their care here was so good and they wouldn’t go anywhere else.   – Janelle Holleman

Congratulations to Vickie for receiving a Star Award from a patient!  It said, “Your friendliness and professionalism was greatly appreciated.  Employees like you are an asset to this organization!” Good job and Keep up the great customer service! – Bettina

Thanks for your efforts this week!