Help Spread the Cheer!

Holiday Cheer is abundant and we continue to hear about all the good everyone is doing for co-workers, families, friends, patients, and even strangers.  Among our Coliseum Family we have animal rescuers, people who have donated hair to cancer patients, raised future Olympians, and so much more!  Do you have something to brag about?  Do you know someone who deserves a “shout out”?  Don’t hesitate to tell everyone about it!  You can write a comment to this post, which we welcome, or send a detailed story (with pictures is even better), to Jen Bradley:  We cannot wait to hear what you have to share!

4 thoughts on “Help Spread the Cheer!

  1. I would like to give a special shout out to ALL of the staff and my co-workers in the Emergency Department. They work in a highly dynamic & stressful work envirmonment, while providing the best care possible for our patients. They are a great team and I wanted to recognize them for the kindness and compassion they extend to our patients who can sometimes be at their worst when they arrive in our ER. Thank you for all you do to make sure the patients have the best visit possible in the Emergency Room.

  2. I want to echo Sherry Decker’s shout out. I’ve been back in the ER for almost seven months and I have received nothing but support from ALL of the staff including the PAs and Physicians. Carlos is a great leader and he has with him an incredible group of charge nurses and staff. They truly represent what nursing is all about and that is doing their best for the patients! I’m proud to be a part of Coliseum Medical Center Emergency Department!

  3. I have gotten the pleasure this year of being on the other side of heath care & witnessed several of my coworkers in action. I have always known that I work with a great staff in the lab but that spreads outside the walls of our department as well. Surgery, Day Hospital, Radiology, and Preadmission testing are all great! They took an uncertain time in my life & turned it into a blessing! They do their job with such joy & kindness. There is sometimes a tendancy to commiserate with coworkers but none of them did that with me. This shows true character. Thanks alot to each of you!

  4. Recently, CMC had a challenge with a patient med home list being greater than 50 items long with many of them non-formulary and not readily available. The Pharmacy Team and the 3East nursing team collaborated and communicated well to assure that the patient’s medication list was updated, adding new meds and eliminating those that were no longer needed

    On discharge, they worked diligently again to assure safe return of her home meds from the pharmacy. What’s more, Richard facilitated locating a medication that is difficult to fill so that the patient could be discharged in a timely manner!

    Great collaboration between two teams to make patient safety and customer service a priority in their practice!

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