Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up

What a great Holiday party we had this [past] week! My special thanks to all that made this party happen: Chef Shaun, Clara and the entire FNS staff, Robin Parker, the Directors and many others I am sure I have missed. The décor was beautiful, the food fantastic and the fellowship outstanding. It was a pleasure to meet your family members as well. I know you could not do what you do for our patients without their support.

I know many of you will be singing that holiday standard, The 12 days of Christmas, again this year. We have all heard it so many times we can sing it from memory! We need to commit to the same for the 2015 National Patient Safety Goals: Proper identification of patients, improving communication, Safe medication use, prevent infections, prevent mistakes in surgery, identify patient safety risks and use alarms safely. I am attaching the detailed document provided by the JC and it can be accessed online at as well so that we all commit these important patient safety measures to memory.

We are now in the survey window period for our triennial Joint Commission accreditation survey. It is important that you are all aware of our clinical excellence agenda and quality agenda, how you are involved and the impact these initiatives has on our ability to provide safe care. I am asking that your directors add this to your department meetings so that you stay actively engaged in our ability to transform the care we provide. You are the critical link in the care chain to get the best outcomes for our patients.


Thanks to all of you that provided input on a Vision statement for our hospitals. We are now pulling all of those thoughts together to formulate a final Vision statement that will serve as a roadmap for our hospitals and health system. I expect to be presenting this to you, our physicians and Board of Trustees sometime in early January. As always, our daily mission is the care and improvement of human life. Thanks again for your engagement and involvement in setting the direction of our organization.

Pat and I will be meeting with all of your directors immediately following the holidays to get updates on your employee survey actions plans. As you recall, we asked them to work with you to develop plans to address your top three items identified on the 2014 survey and make this part of your regular staff meetings. It is now time to understand where we are on addressing those items and what other items may have been discovered in the process. I will include some of those items in my future wrap-ups.

Thanks again for a very successful year. You make the difference and your impact is felt by our patients and families daily.

Merry Christmas!