Steve’s Weekly Update

I want to thank everyone for the positive impression you made on our new Division President, Hugh Tappan, on his visit here yesterday. He left us with some new ideas as well as some of his experiences as CEO in Kansas. Lance and I will spend some more time with him in February to update him on our strategic initiatives and prepare for our Group President’s visit in early March. I am excited to share all that you have accomplished and the opportunities that we still have the ability to take advantage of in 2015.

I had my first Community Advisory Committee meeting this week to get feedback on our hospital and its services. Some names you may recognize are Mark Hudgins who is a pastor at Ingleside Baptist and Cindy Dickey of Dickey Farms. Here are a few of the comments: Low wait times in ER

Efforts to be a more caring facility (referenced card that says “Do you need anything else? I have time.)”Has utilized ER a good bit. Has also noticed changes in the grounds and overall façade. She sees the dermatologist next door and rides through a good bit and has noticed nicer appearance.

Father has been there a good bit. Very much appreciates the color coded scrubs because she says you can immediately identify who is in the room. Spoke VERY highly of the physical therapy program (she had experience with her father 2 years ago).

Some of you may know I am a big Seattle Seahawks fan. I have been following them since the team was formed in the mid-seventies and endured some tough seasons before their recent success. The one item that sticks out about the Seahawks is their fan support. Even with many losing seasons and not qualifying for the playoffs, the fans always filled the stadium. So loyal and supportive that now the team honors them as the “12th Man” before every home game. Who is your 12th Man? I know that each of you has someone here at work that is always there to support you and help you when you’re having a tough day or just need a little encouragement. I challenge each of you to tell that person how much it means to have their support before you head home for the weekend. Thanks for being on the Northside team! Go Seahawks!

Next Thursday, January29th, we come together to recognize those employees celebrating 5,10,15,20,25,20,35 and 40 years of service to our hospital and patients at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame. If you received your invitation and have not RSVP’d yet please do so today so we can be prepared for your arrival to the party. Some have asked about gift catalog that is sent to our honorees every year. Those have just been sent and you should receive them soon at your home mailing address. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

The H2U Health Center officially opened yesterday! I encourage each of you to go over and get a tour and familiarize yourself with this great new FREE benefit for those covered by the hospital insurance plans. The Health Center is located in Building D Suite 130 (lower level) on the Coliseum Medical Center campus.

Liana Rogers coordinated DECON training this week and I want to thank the staff who volunteered to serve in this capacity and go through the required training. While I hope we never have to put this team into action it is important that we are prepared to respond if we ever have an event in our community. Again, my thanks to those of you who spent the day in this important emergency preparedness training.

We also had our first EMS Lunch and Learn. Every month we will have educational programs for our EMS and Fire Departments on one of our campuses. My thanks to Dr. Griffin who provided the education for them this month.

Pat and I spent much of this week reviewing your actions plans derived from the last employee survey. We were glad to hear about your involvement  and progress made in each department. This should be a living document that can be added to at any time so that we can be in a continuous improvement mind set and tackle issues before they become big ones. Thanks for your feedback and input into making CNH an even better place to work.

Your directors should now be preparing you for our upcoming Joint Commission survey. Jan Rogers will be providing a JC prep book for each of you in the next couple of weeks. We all need to be able to speak to the quality improvement initiatives going on in our departments and  across the hospital. These surveys are to test our policies and processes around patient safety and the quality of care we provide. We are all responsible to know the quality standards for our part of the care continuum. In addition to our JC accreditation we are also seeking special certification from JC in Sepsis, Stroke and Spine this year. These will help highlight our hospital as one who focuses on high quality care.

Last, I want to congratulate you all again for our #2 Patient Experience performance in the Division for inpatient and #7 in ED loyalty in the entire company. Our goal for this year is to improve by 5% from 75 to 80% on inpatient. Let’s keep striving to improve our patient experience and soon we will be number 1!

Thanks for a great week of patient care,