Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up

March came in like a lamb but it looks like we are going out as a lion. Very busy week and it took everyone’s teamwork to make sure our patients got the great care they have come to expect at Northside. Thanks to everyone who worked over, worked an extra shift or worked outside of your normal assignment. Pat and I appreciate the stretch for our patients!

I am very excited to tell you about some new technology coming to CNH. We have ordered the new Stryker Spine Navigation system after a lengthy evaluation. This will allow our surgeons to be more precise in the placement of hardware for our complex spine surgeries. We also ordered a new Xeleris Nuclear workstation to replace the one that died in December. If that weren’t exciting enough we will also have digital mammography here at CNH!!! Karla Lewis haunted me for the last 9 months for this technology and I am pleased that we have now been able to bring that to our patients. We also approved the purchase of some new stretchers (10) that should be here in May.

We have just placed our next capital requests for funding. Here are our top items: New Telemetry, Nurse call system and radiology specials room replacement. We won’t know for a few weeks which of these get funded and will keep you up to date when we know more.

March 30th is Doctor’s Day but we will be celebrating from March 26th-31st for our physicians. Please thank them during this time for supporting our hospital and the care they provide our community.

It’s time to hear from you! We have scheduled our next town hall meetings and look forward to updating you on our strategic initiatives, our accomplishments for 2014 and items you would like for us to address. I hope you will find the time to attend. You are an important part of our team and we want to hear from you! Here is the schedule:

2 am – Tuesday, April 7th (3rd Floor lobby area)

2 pm – Wednesday, April 8th (CNH Conference Room)

9 pm – Thursday, April 9th (3rd Floor lobby area)

2 pm – Saturday, April 11th (CNH Conference Room)

We have now switched patient experience survey companies from Gallop to Press Gainey. With that change the format of our progress will change slightly from what you have seen posted. The questions are the same but now we are able to get more detail as well as verbatim quotes from patients which will help focus our efforts. Our top areas for improvement remain: responsiveness of staff, communication about medication and medication side effects.

I would like to offer you all a challenge. A paradigm shift of our thinking. What if we stopped talking about what we need to do “when” a call light went off to what do we do “if” a call light goes off?? Let’s really focus on hourly rounding and eliminating the need for the nurse call light at all! So my challenge is to create an environment (hourly rounding with purpose) so that no call light is used for 24 hours which we can measure. When we attain that goal we will have ice cream sundaes for everyone! If we go 48 hours we will buy not only ice cream sundaes but chair massages house wide as well. Are you with me? We will start measuring our progress on Monday. Let’s do it for our patients!!



“Great patient care, quick response to call button, use of Best Practices, patient driven care…AWESOME!”( Tiffany O’Neal-Blount CAN)

“To the most awesome medical staff: Kimberly (Edwards RN), Mrs. Gerri (Jackson CNA), Matt (Massee RN), Josh (Shepard RN), Mark (Hymon CNA), Nancy (Sellars RN), Eunice (Canty CNA), Marilyn (Stephenson RN). These individuals went above and beyond the call of duty. They were absolutely amazing and we thank you all very much!!” – patient

“This is the best hospital I’ve been in. The workers are great, eager to help and they know what to do. Thank each one of you for a wonderful stay at Coliseum North.” – patient

“This is in reference to my hospitalization at Coliseum Northside Hospital…I had lower back surgery…I want to thank you and each and every one of your staff for the professionalism and care that I received. I believe with the prayers that I received and the quality care of your staff, helped me with a speedy recover. I intentionally do not want to miss anyone who helped me in my recovery. I want to recognize all who had a hand in my recovery. I am listing the following individuals:…Faye Sands (phlebotomist), Elnora (Gibson EVS), Bre’Anna Thomas RN, Gerri Jackson , tech., Kerri Maddox RN, Ken Bryant RN…Joyce (Smith – Information Desk), and Nancy Sellars RN. I want to make special note for Nancy Sellars RN as all your people were professional, courteous and polite, but she added that extra touch of caring. You can tell that your entire staff at Northside are in their proper career fields and that they are an asset to your hospital and organization.” – patient


There are no words to describe the pain and discomfort I experienced today.  The pain was so severe I could not see clearly so some of the names of the staff were acquired after being released.  I was diagnosed with kidney stones, so when I arrived I was writhing in pain.  Did I mention I was in pain?  A crew member of mine dropped me off at the Emergency Room.  I am working in Milledgeville and live in Tucker, Ga.  I chose this hospital because of the reviews and ratings online for bowel obstructions which was the highest in the area on the “Health Grades” website.   Upon arrival in the Emergency Room, staff member “Debra” and the security guard “Suzanne” help to make me comfortable.  Then the staff member that transported me to a room was kind.  The staff in the room “Kelly” and “Cessalee” were extraordinary.  I don’t like needles and I was made to feel very comfortable.  Adam answered every question I had with clarity and patience  (I’m an information junkie so I really had many questions).  Adam walked me down to medical records personally and got me to the pharmacy and Lee in the pharmacy was wonderful and very kind.  Trunell helped me in Medical Records and reminded me about information for my employer and other things that I did not remember.  Then Vanessa at the information desk was very helpful and kind.  Also Adam looked up taxi’s for me on his personal phone.  These things may seem small and trivial, may be considered expected by a place that “serves” people.  But after 7 children, one miscarriage, my wife surviving breast cancer and our children’s visits to the hospital over the years – I have experienced unkindness, disrespect, negligence, the lack of any attitude for hospitality or customer service and just plain unprofessional people in medical positions.  But this hospital has great cause for pride in its staff.  The unilateral kindness and hospitality that I experienced can most likely be accredited (among other things) to the training program, the hiring process and the rewards recognizing staff members. Many many thanks to your staff and also to Stephen and Michael for your ear and time, it was therapeutic to talk to you and have someone listen and consider me important enough to give your time to.     Patient – P.B.

Awesome Teamwork and caring!