The Five Rights of Medication Administration

There are many different aspects of institutional practice. With so many policies and procedures being implemented, as well as new programs being established, it is easy to lose sight of the most basic and most important foundation of institutional practice. That is, recognizing the “Five Rights” of medication administration and carrying it out efficiently and accurately. The Five Rights of medication administration consist of getting the:

five rights medication_2

Right drug to the

Right patient and administering the

Right dose with the

Right route at the

Right time.

According to the ISMP (Institute for Safe Medication Practices), practicing healthcare in this fashion will reduce medication

errors and harm. The “Five Rights” should be a goal that all healthcare professionals strive to fulfill from day to day.  In the Coliseum Health System, this practice is used by many healthcare professionals.  This process focuses more on individual performance rather than on human factors and system defects. Carrying out the five “R’s” in our institutions allows us to be able to form committees with strong foundations that will, in return, provide us with policies and procedures that will maximize patient care.

Clara Vinh, Pharm. D.