Survey says…

heart-in-handsDid you take the survey already today?!! If so, GREAT and this message is for you:  Just sign a piece of paper stating you completed the survey today (5/4/15) and take it to your supervisor.  They will give you a free meal ticket and you can sign a raffle ticket to participate in the drawings. (According to HR, meal tickets and raffle tickets will be ready tomorrow end of the day)

For everyone else who has yet to take the survey:  When you finish taking the survey, there will be a “Thank You” page at

stethescopeheart2_crop380wthe end.  Print that page, sign it and take it to your supervisor to get your meal ticket and raffle ticket.  Follow this link to take the survey now (takes less than 15 minutes!)

By the way, if you DIDN’T get to pick up your shirt today, and you’re at CNH, swing by Liana Rogers’ office in Administration to pick it up sometime this week. If you’re at CMC, swing by the 5th floor Outpatient Infusion Center and see Jody Moroney from 9am- 5pm tomorrow and Wednesday to pick one up. If you work late, ask your supervisor to pick up your shirt on your behalf (and don’t forget to tell them your size!).