Jim Gay: 2015 CNH Nurse Makes a Difference Award!

Congratulations to Jim Gay on receiving the 2015 Coliseum Northside Hospital Nurse Makes a Difference Award! Jim was honored at Tuesday’s National Hospital Month Picnic at CNH. We’d also like to recognize the other nominees: Erin Lawson, Matt Massee, Marcie Meelaphsom, Debbie Middlebrooks, Jan Rogers, & Cessalee Swars.

…this is why Jim is the recipient of this year’s CNH Nurse Makes a Difference Award:

Jim makes everyone feel so welcome when they first come to CNH.  He is always willing to step into any situation where help is needed and works hard to make the situation better.  I have seen Jim in ICU, 3rd floor, and ED, always  taking care of patients.  Jim filled in as ED/ICU Clinical Coordinator when that position was vacant for several months. When extra help couldn’t be found, Jim always stepped up – days, nights, weekends; it didn’t make a difference. He always made sure he was there for “his” patients. Jim goes out of his way to speak and greet patients, their families, visitors and staff.  He does not pass by anyone without greeting them warmly.  Jim can easily adapt to any situation and always makes the best of it.  There are probably many staff members who probably would have thrown their hands up in frustration on many accounts that Jim simply smiles and makes the best of.  I can honestly see a genuine love for this hospital through Jim; he is a prime example of what CNH family is.

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