Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up! (June 5,2015)

stethescopeheart2_crop380wYou may have noticed an increased presence of our nurse leaders rounding on patients in the last several weeks. This is part of an ongoing effort to provide an exceptional patient experience and identify acts of great service and opportunities where we may have failed to meet our patient’s expectations. These nurse leader rounds are in addition to our leader newspaper rounds daily. The nursing supervisors are performing the rounds on the weekends. Our expectation is that we see 100% of our patients every day. We are also validating how we enter our patient’s rooms using AIDET. AIDET stands for: “Acknowledge” (knock for patient privacy), “Introduce” (name and title), “Duration” (how much time will you need with them), “Explanation” (why you are there) and “Thank You.” Here is what it means to the patient:

A – You are important

I –   You can count on me/us

D-    I respect your time

E –    You have the right to know

T –  I want to help you

Our next step is taking a step back to hardwire bedside reporting 100% of the time and hourly rounding with purpose. We will be validating every staff member on AIDET mentioned above and hold that as the standard for interacting with our patients. We recognize this is a major change and expectation and will take some time to get to our goal but we will pick a definitive date and these expectations will be part of everyone’s performance review. Extraordinary service does not grow from ordinary effort. If we want to be the hospital of choice we are going to have to work hard to earn that reputation. We have already improved our patient experience scores from the 44th percentile to the 62nd percentile so our efforts are paying off!


Thanks for everyone’s participation in the employee survey! We finished just above 88%!!!! We should have the results back by the end of July and will begin reviewing and asking each department to formulate an action plan to address our areas of opportunity. Thanks again for your participation and feedback.

This week we began using our new digital mammography equipment. Many thanks to William, Karla and Becky for getting this project completed and this new technology available to our community. Please spread the word!

Next week we will be putting our new spine navigation system into use! This has been a long evaluation and implementation but well worth the benefit to our patients and physicians of having this available for surgery.

Construction in the Wound Care clinic to install hyperbaric oxygen treatment should begin within the next two weeks.

pediatricianWe have postponed our implementation of pediatric coverage for the emergency department until August 1st in order to get all of our new pediatric providers credentialed. We have recruited an outstanding Medical Director to lead an equally outstanding group of pediatricians to staff our emergency department. More to come as we move closer.

Staff recognition:

“Kandy Underwood came in with the best attitude.  She came to draw labs and helped us with what we needed.”  Patient – A.N.

“Kim Edwards gave me excellent patient care”.  Patient – N.W.

“Thank you Topaz and all the other nurses!  We had a great experience!”  Patient – M.N.

“Thanks Gerri Jackson for going beyond the call of duty to make sure I had what I needed.  You have made my stay here comfortable as possible.  I enjoy our conversations.  You always but a smile on my face.  Thanks for being a pleasant soul.”  Patient

 Happy National Donut Day! Have a great weekend!