Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up! (June 12, 2015)

Above all else, we (CNH) are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

It looks as though we may have awakened from the graduation/holiday/summer lull. This week we picked up in both surgery and medical admissions and are now ahead of last year. We have been fortunate to fill many of our open positions and by the end of June you should feel that in the reduction of open shifts we are scrambling to fill. Thanks again for everyone who has pitched in to help cover these shifts and provide the exceptional care our patients have come to expect here at CNH.

(Steve celebrating his anniversary!)

(Steve celebrating his 1-year CEO-iversary!)

This month I celebrate one year as CEO here at CNH! As I reflected this week, we have undergone a lot of positive change in the last 12 months. We have transformed our Emergency Services to the ED of choice in Macon growing our volumes at double digit rates. We have invested in almost every area of our hospital: laboratory, patient care (beds), pharmacy, OR, ER, Dietary, and Endoscopy. That investment is a signal of our company’s recognition of our growth that is a result of your focus on quality and patient safety.

I received three separate patient phone calls this week raving about the care they received here at CNH. It is uncommon in most hospitals for patients to call the CEO unless there is a complaint so this speaks loudly about the care provided here. We still have plenty of opportunity to improve especially around medications and medication side effects. Unfortunately there is no “magic sauce” other than being very deliberate and taking the time to explain each time you administer a patients medications.

This week we began Fabulous Friday as a way to recognize and celebrate those staff members who have been specifically recognized by our patients and their families as having provided exceptional care. We will continue this every Friday in the cafeteria at 8am and hope as your director notifies you as one of those shining stars you will come down and have a cup of coffee and a donut and share how you make those patient feel special.

Congratulations to Shawn Holton for his promotion to Clinical Coordinator of the 3rd floor! We are building a strong team of leaders and care givers to our already outstanding staff on this unit.

Welcome to Kim Bowden as our new Medical Staff Office Director. Kay Howell will be transitioning these duties to Kim and working through outstanding items with Kim until CMC completes their JC survey. Kay will continue as part of our system team working at CMC in another capacity.

Staff Recognition:

“The ICU and 3rd Floor Staff took such good care of me – thank you”.  Patient – J.M.

“The service and care given are over the top.  If I ever have to come back into the hospital this will be my hospital of choice.  The bedside manner of Debbie & Tiffany is over the top”.  Patient – E.R.

“Everyone involved in my care went above and beyond my expectation”.  Patient – R.J.

“The following people deserve a star:  Kandy (Lab), JB, Matt, Phil (PT), Amanda, April, Erin & Stephanie”.   Patient – L.G.

“Shannon, our Nurse Practitioner, was excellent.  She was very knowledgeable and conveyed information well.  Deborah, my nurse, took great interest in patient care.”  Patient – R.H.

Have a great Weekend!

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  1. Steve……….you have been a great blessing to us!!!! Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!!

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