Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up! (June 19, 2015)

“People of excellence go the extra mile to do what’s right.” ― Joel Osteen

It has been an exciting week here at CNH with our first surgical cases being done with our new Stryker Navigation System. Dr. Dasher, Dr. Brooks and Dr. Kelley all performed spine cases and Dr. Thornsberry performed an anterior hip replacement with the system. I was fortunate to be able to observe the hip case to see how the system helps the surgeon and ultimately a great outcome for the patient. We are preparing several marketing pieces to create awareness in the community about this new technology. Our volume has recovered from the slow start to the month. Our surgical cases are slightly ahead of last year and budget, admissions up about 8% and ER volume continues its outstanding 18% growth rate. It is the excellent care and experience you create for our patients and physicians that drive this growth. Thanks for always putting the patient first!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day, and if you are traveling, be safe. While my father is gone I have great fathers-daymemories and photos that I enjoy reminiscing with my sister and mom about what he meant to our family. My Dad was a big man, 6”4” and about 300lbs, but he had a heart bigger than himself. He was adopted and because of that always had a soft spot for kids in need. We always had several foster kids in our house and they got the same hugs and discipline that me and my brother and sister got. He always made sure they were loved and felt like they were truly a part of our family. My Dad taught me to hunt and fish, treat ladies like ladies and respect the elderly. My Dad never went to college but made sure I had the opportunity. He was a humble man who loved his family and I was lucky to have him as my Dad. I sure miss him on the one day he let us do things for him.

One area that we continue to see improvement in is our length of stay. Angela and her team along with Mary, Felecia, Barbara and Marcie from case management deserve the credit. Providing the right care at the right time and communicating patient progress among the team insures that we get the patient to the next level of care or better yet home. Extended or unnecessary hospital stays potentially expose patients to other risks and can have an impact on the outcome of their hospitalization. Thanks for working as a team to get the best outcome for our patients.

This year we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Hope Fund. The Hope Fund was created specifically to help our staff when life happens: deaths, fires, floods and other unexpected events that place financial hardships on us. At Northside we have 45 staff members who contribute to the fund out of our 245 staff members. Of those donors 8 contribute at the Leadership Circle Level (+$500 annually). For CHS we have provided 4 grants this year totaling $8300 and since 2005 we have distributed grants to 27 staff members. I encourage you to participate in this giving in any amount through payroll deduction. When we have a staff member who needs help this is the easiest way to provide assistance to make a mortgage payment, help with a medical bill, assist with a funeral and many other unexpected needs. Human Resources is eager to help you access this fund.


NEXT TUESDAY (June 23), we will be hosting an Employee Blood Drive with the American Red Cross from 1:00pm-5:00pm at Coliseum Northside Hospital; we would LOVE for our employees to attend and participate! Our last blood drive we only collected 4 units of this life saving liquid and I know we can do better. It costs nothing except 30 minutes of your time to insure that we have the ability to save lives in our community when the need arises. I hope that you will join me and donate. As an extra incentive we will have a drawing for two $25 dollar gas cards (GAS PRICES ARE HEADED UP) and pizza for the department with the greatest participation. Will you save a life next week?

hug-a-nurse-love-and-relationshipsWe have had several new graduate nurses join us this month. While they come excited about the opportunity to begin their vocation as a nurse it is also a stressful time as they study to take their nursing board exams. I want to congratulate Courtney Avery and Kathryn Hicks from the ED and Angela Eubanks from the 3rd floor for passing their boards this past week!

We continue to improve our patient experience here at CNH. So far this quarter (April – June) we have risen to the 71st percentile nationally and to number 26 in HCA. Our efforts and focus on nurse leader rounding, hourly rounding and bedside reporting are making a difference. While we still have opportunity with all of these activities we are continuing to improve. This is the new competitive advantage to growing our hospital and reputation for great care in the community. Stay focused and always put the patient first.

Staff Recognition:

“I brought my son into the ER early this morning with an allergic reaction.  Veronica attended to us right away and the Dr and 2 nurses jumped right on it.  Rusty came in and made sure no further help was needed.  We were out of the ER and on our way home in approximately an hour. The woman who does the paperwork as we were leaving was friendly and efficient.  Great experience.  Please give everyone involved  a star for us.  We are so happy and grateful for the quick and excellent care!!” – patient’s mother

Auneen, Lauren, Briana, Jessica & Deacon were great.  This is one of the best hospital stays I have had”.  Patient – S.J.

“She is a warm bright ray of sunshine each time she came to clean the room.  She always had a smile and was always willing to help me in any way she could.  She’s a good person who made my stay much more enjoyable”.  Patient – T.H.

Ms. Cathy has been a great help to me when it came to me getting my food.   She called to make sure it was right and to make sure I was satisfied.  She really went above the call of duty to make sure I was a happy patient.”  Patient – R.S.

“I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to Kim Edwards.  Some of the days with my husband were very challenging.  Kim was very caring and compassionate with my husband.  The kindness she showed to me meant so much to me.”  Patient – L.P

Thanks for the great patient care this week!

Steve Daugherty - CNH

Steve Daugherty