Announcing: Friday T-Shirt Days!

tshirt day 1Looking for opportunities to wear your Coliseum T-Shirt?!!

Look no further!

At Coliseum Medical Centers on the First Friday of each month and at Coliseum Northside Hospital on the SECOND Friday of each month, we honor employees that have been recognized for going the extra mile in helping our patients, visitors and co-workers.

tshirt day 5

Please join us each month at 8 AM in the CMC Café (FIRST Friday) or CNH Café (SECOND Friday) to recognize and congratulate these employees – AND WEAR YOUR COLISEUM SHIRT!

“Friday T-Shirt Day” begins Friday, August 7th at CMC and Friday, August 14th at CNH and will continue each month!

PS: Coliseum t-shirts are otherwise not permitted for work attire unless specified by your department director!

tshirt day 3  tshirt day 2