CHS Featured on Middle Georgia CEO

Middle GA CEOColiseum Health System was featured last month on Middle Georgia CEO: a daily publication focused exclusively on business issues in Middle Georgia.

Highlighting many of the ways that Coliseum is serving our community and our employees, CEOs Lance Jones and Steve Daugherty weighed in:

“We are fortunate to have a rich, high quality health care environment in Middle Georgia.  It’s rare that people need to travel outside of the region for care.  Ninety-eight percent of the time Coliseum can meet the needs of our community.” – CEO Lance Jones

“We continue to be thankful to our medical staff for developing the health care environment and the level of expertise we have. Coliseum continues to assess the healthcare needs of the community. We strive to provide the majority of our community’s needs. There is a big economic impact when people have to travel out of Middle Georgia for health care in terms of lost workforce productivity and disruption to families. We continue to invest in new technologies, programs, and services. Recently, Northside added a new navigation system for spinal surgery to improve the patient outcomes. You can imagine how important precise measurements are when you are placing screws in the spine, and this system provides greater precision for our surgeons and better outcomes for patients.” – CEO Steve Daugherty

CMC  northside

Steve and Lance also discussed some of the challenges we face at Coliseum and some of the benefits to being located in Macon:

“Nurses are the backbone of a hospital and attracting high-quality nurses is one of the challenges we face.  We are very selective and are looking for more than clinical competence.  We want nurses who can also deliver great customer service.” – CEO Steve Daugherty

“In terms of attracting physicians to our hospitals, we are so fortunate to have Mercer University here in Macon because a high percentage of physicians stay and practice where they train.” – CEO Lance Jones

Overall, both CEOs emphasized their desire to be active in their hospitals’ respective neighborhoods, and look forward to making an even greater positive impact on our community. Check out the full article on the Middle Georgia CEO website!