Video Update with CEO Lance Jones & a Special Guest!

Lance and Brice

Enjoy this special message from Coliseum Medical Centers’ CEO Lance Jones featuring Robert Brice – one of our incredible employees who recently went above and beyond to provide care for a patient in need. Also, listen-up for some important announcements from Lance! He always keeps our employees “in the know”…

One thought on “Video Update with CEO Lance Jones & a Special Guest!

  1. The video did not load for me, but I can say that I am so glad that Brice has been recognized for one of the MANY times he has gone above and beyond for a patient, family, guest, or co-worker. Brice has done some extra special things for his patients that would be so meaningful to anyone who had a loved one in the hospital. And don’t let me forget to mention how much fun it was to watch him having fun with patients (& co-workers) and making them laugh. Brice is an old soul at heart and will always have a special place in my heart for the loving care I have seen demonstrated to his patients. #coliseumcare #extraspecial

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