Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up! (July 31, 2015)

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We come to the end of July and it is the first month we did not outperform the prior year. While we maintained our growth in the emergency room we lost some ground in surgery due to the heavy vacation schedules of our surgeons. This impacted our total admissions for July. The new school year starts on Monday with public schools and the private schools follow two weeks later. That should mean we get back to some more normal schedules for everyone and hopefully our business will normalize as well.

Next week we begin our town hall meetings to review the employee survey feedback. I look forward to discussing these with you. Please refer to the schedule below to attend. All sessions are open to all employees.

CNH schedule

Iback to school 3 know this can be a stressful time of year for each of you who are parents: little ones starting schools, older ones changing schools and for some preparing to graduate at the end of this year. Please be sure you communicate with your director any challenges you may have so that we can be sure to plan our patient care staffing effectively. For those unplanned absences for sick kids remember to provide the appropriate amount of notice when you need to be out so we can find additional coverage. If you have questions around time and attendance please refer to the human resources policies.

We are leading the South Atlantic Division for inpatient satisfaction (69th percentile nationally) and are second in the division for ED satisfaction (74th percentile nationally). The most important part is that we are continuing to show incremental improvement. We are now really down to the fine details and making sure we are consistent day to day, person to person and department by department. Every patient and family interaction has to be the best we can deliver. Thanks for your continued focus on our patients experience.

One of the ways we measure the quality and safety of the care we provide is through Leapfrog. The Leapfrog Group is the nation’s premier advocate for transparency to galvanize giant leaps forward in quality and safety of care in U.S. hospitals. They measure quality in the areas of maternity care, high-risk surgeries, hospital acquired conditions and steps taken to prevent errors. One of the areas they measure is the percentage of inpatient orders placed by physicians electronically. This year we met the 75% threshold for the first time! Many thanks to the EHR/CPOE  team: Wayne, Sheldon, Willon, Donna, David, Nevley and Anne for this great achievement! This is another step towards moving us from a grade B to grade A Leapfrog score.

Leapfrog Score 2015 slide_new

The annual pay increases are effective now and will be included in your paychecks delivered August 7th. Please review your new rate carefully and if you have any questions please speak with your immediate supervisor/director if you have any questions. They will have the detail for each staff member.

bra fittingThe third week of August (Date to be determined)we are planning an open house/Bra-fitting in partnership with Dillard’s to highlight our new digital mammography service. Watch for more details in future marketing updates and my wrap-up.


“Best hospital I have ever been in.  Care has been excellent and everyone has gone above and beyond to take care of me”.  Patient – M.H.

“Marilyn Stephenson and Dinita Bentley were incredible to me during my stay at Coliseum Northside Hospital.  Couldn’t have asked for a better team.  They were very courteous and professional.  Thanks so much for all they did to make my stay more pleasant.”  Patient – V. I.

“Very pleased following my procedure.  Everyone I encountered has been wonderful.”  Patient – M.H.

Mr. S in ICU last night told me that this is the nicest hospital that he has ever seen. He said that he wasn’t talking about the building, but the staff, because everyone was so nice and so willing to make sure that he had everything he needed and was comfortable. His family in the room with him at the time agreed.

I was a patient in April of this year. Just wanted to let you know that everyone in the hospital was so nice and helpful and the hospital itself was extremely clean. I have been telling all my doctors that your hospital should be used as a wonderful example of the best hospital and employees in Georgia. – patient

Great Catches for July from Angela Lintz:  Stephanie Stiltz Identified patient on Heparin that needed to be discontinued in order for the drainage to decrease.

Deborah Andrews identified a medication error for a thrombolytic that was ordered on the wrong patient and facilitated its removal from the profile.

Andrea Musick identified medication dosage error for Depakote and facilitated the change to the correct dosage.

In a recent survey of whiteboard and hourly rounding completion I awarded Stephanie Stiltz, Lauren Mitchell and Kim Edwards gift cards for Carrabas for meeting all the completion elements. Great Job!!!! – Steve


We have a new baby boy in Cardiopulmonary!  Jessica Moore and husband Matt added Jackson Luke Moore to their family on July 29, 2015.  He weighed a healthy 9 pounds and he and Mom are doing well.  Big brother Eli is thrilled to have a new playmate. – Sarah Jackson

Erin Bearden, RN 3rd floor,  delivered a healthy baby girl last week.  Her name is Taya Danielle.  She’s 2 weeks old!

We certainly have a lot to celebrate this week!!!!

Steve Daugherty - CNH