Congratulations to Vera: Ms. Fit Body Competition winner!

IMG_2062_newThose who know Vera Carter will attest to the fact that hard work and dedication to diet and exercise can definitely pay off when it comes to personal health and fitness… Vera recently competed in two categories at the 2015 Southern Natural Bodybuilding event held at Wesleyan College on Saturday, July 25th and WON the Ms. Fit Body competition and placed 2nd in the Masters Figure Competition!

Vera was judged based on physical symmetry, muscle tone and shape, beauty and stage presence, grooming (makeup, hair), costume, and overall fit look. The Fit Body division combines the beauty and fit-looking body of a Figure competitor with 5 poses from Bodybuilding, which are modified with unique femininity. Figure is a class of physique competition and competitors must display a balance of beauty, shoulder separation, slight abdominals and be visibly lean.

Vera is what’s known as a natural bodybuilder, meaningIMG_2065_new she abstains from performance-enhancing drugs. This categorically excludes the use of substances like anabolic steroids, insulin, diuretics and human growth hormone. Competitors are polygraph tested and must abide by a banned substance list. She depends instead on eating clean and training hard.

Vera would like to thank her CHS family for supporting and believing in her!  She would also like to extend a special thanks to Meagan Carter, Scott Chamlee, Kristi Proulx, Shilpa Rege, and Cindy Seredick for their support.

Be sure to congratulate Vera Carter (Ms. Fit Body!) when you see her around Coliseum Medical Centers!