Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up! (August 7, 2015)

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie


YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!! For the first time ever CNH is in the #1 slot for patient experience in the South Atlantic Division for both inpatient and outpatient patient experience! ED leads the Division scoring in the 78Th percentile (#33 in HCA) and inpatient we are in the 69th percentile (#26 in HCA). These are tremendous results! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

CNH scheduleWe have completed all of our Town Hall meetings except for one which will occur on Saturday at 2pm in the first floor conference room. We have had about 115 attend which is approximately 50% of our staff. Please make every effort to come to the last meeting or let me know if we need to have additional sessions. In addition to the live sessions we have posted the slide presentation on the intranet page. We increased our overall score from 70 to 76 from last year and we will continue to work together to provide a healthy and enriching work environment. Here are the highlights from this year:


Summary of Strengths:

  • I understand how the work I do contributes to the overall success of the facility/company.
  • People in my work group demonstrate the skills needed to meet patient/customer expectations.
  • Our senior leadership team gives employees a clear picture of the direction in which this facility/company is headed.
  • I feel this organization supports correction and improvement of safety and medical or health errors.
  • My work gives me a feeling of personal accomplishment.

Summary of Opportunitiesweaknesses

  • We have enough people in my work group to handle the workload.
  • I am satisfied with the amount of voice I have in the decisions that affect my work.
  • Our work processes are highly efficient.
  • I feel my benefits compare favorably with benefits at similar companies.
  • The benefits provided meet my needs.


Plan of Action:

  1. Within 2 weeks from today – Department leaders review unit specific data with their staff (90% participation required).
  2. Town Halls the week of August 3, 2015.
  3. Action plans completed by Department leaders by August 31, 2015.
  4. Action plans reviewed with HR and Administrator by September 25, 2015.
  5. Action plans uploaded into the survey bank by October 1, 2015.
  6. Required standing agenda item on monthly department meetings.
  7. Department leader rotate presentation of plan and progress at Directors meetings (1-2 per meeting).
  8. April 2016 update – communication to all staff of actions taken as a result of the Engagement Survey.

Pay Policy Harmonization policies go into effect on August 16, 2015.  Each Department should be meeting with all employees to explain the new pay policies prior to August 16, 2015.  Each Department Director needs to send to HR the date and names of the attendees for this meeting/meetings by August 16, 2015.

architectWound Care Update: We met with the architects regarding the design and the issuance of the permit for the wound care construction. We should have the permit issued by 8/14/2015 so that we can proceed with construction the week of 8/17/2015. This means that we can deliver the project complete by 11/17/ 2015. Please watch for future updates.

We are still on schedule for the implementation of our pediatric ER pediatric patientcoverage to begin on September 1st. Next week, Dr. Mickey Bansal who is our Director of Pediatrics for ED, will speak to our Community Advisory Committee to begin the marketing of this enhanced service. Thanks to everyone involved who has a part in making this a marketing leading patient care improvement.

MHML Logo webWe have officially begun our American Heart Walk fundraising for this year. The walk is scheduled for 8:00am on October 24th (Saturday, no UGA game this Saturday) at Middle Georgia State University. Below are our team captains for CNH. Please reach out to them to join a team or help with fundraising. I am the Chair of the Walk this year so more than ever I appreciate your support of this effort. Our Collective CHS goal is $43,000!!!! Go Team!!

  • Lisa Duggan, Radiology
  • Andrew Dasher, Education
  • April Watson, Sepsis
  • Shannon Wood, Respiratory
  • Peggy Punziano, OR
  • Michael Dykes, ER/ICU
  • Alyson Cozart, Sales/Marketing
  • Danny Manville, Lab
  • Angela Lintz, 3rd Floor
  • Rosemary Henry, Dietary
  • Nick Shealy, Info. Svs.
  • Jeanne Boney, OR
  • Sheila Fowler-Davis, Rehab
  • Liana Rogers, EMS


I want to thank everyone for their hard work during the power outage on Thursday.  Everyone came together and worked as a team to provide great patient care while overcoming obstacles.  Great teamwork!!!!  Angela Lintz came to the OR and was helping with patients also. Thank you Christian for coming from floor to help move patient in the OR.  Thank you Angela. – Jeanne Boney

Comment from one of our recent Radiology tech students on their evaluation form of our clinical site: Femetra Stanford – She is a wonderful tech who taught me a lot. Very encouraging about me learning CT.

Cabel Dupree tied the knot last Thursday, July 30th at Southside Baptist Church in Warner Robins GA. Cabel’s wife’s name is Amber Restauri Dupree. Congratulations! –  Michael Dykes and the ED Team

Alicia Spillers( radiology) 4th grandbaby  was born on Thursday. He weighed 6 pounds 3 ounces and his name is Weston Hodge.

Patient –  C. H.  called to say that he was an ER patient on 8/1/15.  He wanted to let us know that he had an excellent experience in our hospital.  Mr. C.H. said he never had to stop once he hit the ER door and within 10 minutes he was face to face with a physician.  He stated he was in a tremendous amount of pain and they could not have been more compassionate and caring to him, even during shift change, they “didn’t miss a beat”!  Even today he raved about how helpful Judy Henderson (Radiology) was to him in helping him get his disc over to the Urologist office for his follow up appointment.  Mr. Howard said he could not say enough good things about this hospital and wanted those in charge to know what a great team we had working here.

From patient R. E.  –  Doug Wheeless in the ER is a “patient oriented, kind nurse that made us feel at ease.”  He stayed over after his shift when the patient was having chest pain to make sure he was put on the monitor and taken care of.  The patient states that Doug did not tell them he was staying over, he just found out later after Doug left. – Angela Lintz

Northside’s overall July 2015 Optiflex/POU scanning compliance is 78%.  You have reached the corporate goal!  Congratulations! – Natalie Mize and Heath King

Patti Jones found out that one of her patients was having a birthday and went and brought a balloon to her.  Patient stated “that was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me”.   Could not say enough about how much that meant to her, especially while not being able to be home for her birthday.

Steve in Havana!

CEO Steve Daugherty at the Macon Arts Alliance event “Taste of the Arts – Havana Nights” Fundraiser, where Coliseum Health System was a sponsor

Have a great weekend!

Steve Daugherty - CNH