A Special “Thank You”

We received this special “Thank You” note today from an employee and wanted to recognize another employee, Jody Moroney, for excellent patient care. Read below…

Today, August 11th, I attempted to contact Ms. RB. Her husband took the call, stated that she was too weak to talk. She had received her first round of chemo yesterday. He stated that she was not doing well. He stated that he was really worried about her. He had been unable to get her to eat or drink anything in the last 24-36 hrs. He stated that at times she was lethargic and he felt that she was dehydrated. He said he had called her oncologist twice this morning and both times was sent to the nurse’s voicemail. He said he left messages but had not heard anything back. By the time he was done telling me this he was crying. He said he was starting to get angry that no one cared. I asked him to give me 5 minutes and I would call him back. I told him I was going to make a call and see if I could get him help and if not we would go to plan B, which would be to take her to the ER (he did not want to use the ER unless it was the only choice).

I hung up and called our infusion center. I knew that Jody and Howie worked really close with the worried senior_2Oncologist in the area and most likely had a backline number or some way to get ahold of a doctor for emergencies. Jody was extremely helpful. She got the husbands information and told me she would contact Dr. R’s nurse and call me back. I then notified Mr. B that someone should be calling him and if he didn’t get a call in the next 15 minutes to call me back. He was very grateful for the help. Within 2 minutes, Jody called me back. She said that they (the oncologist office) had been trying to get ahold of him on his cell phone but could not reach him. She gave them the number that I had given her and they were going to try that line. I waited a few minutes and called Mr. B back. He stated that he received the call and they wanted him to bring her into the office right away. He was packing her stuff up and about to stethescopeheart2_crop380wleave. He was extremely appreciative of the help and how quickly we were able to get someone to call him back. He said that he was at his wits end and we called at just the right time. He said we would never know how much we helped him today.

I just wanted you all to know how helpful Jody was. I could not have done this without her help. She acted quickly and got the patient the help they needed. This whole process took less than 10 minutes. I am very thankful to work with such an awesome team! Thanks Jody!