Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up! (August 21, 2015)

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There was not wrap-up last week as I was traveling with my family.
My son, Sean, was completing in a Half Ironman (70.3) triathlon in New Hampshire and we wanted to be able to see him compete. It was his second race as a professional and first time at that distance. He finished 25th out of 40 male pros in 4:15:53. We are so proud of him and his determination in these events as well as his schoolwork at the University of Colorado. I have great hope that this is the last year I have to write a tuition check! Thanks for excusing my absence from the hospital.

Earlier this week, I met with Karla Redding-Andrews, daughter Otis-Reddingof Otis Redding, and Executive Director of the Otis Redding Foundation. Otis Redding and his family have a long tradition of giving back to the Macon community and it was a pleasure to hear of the work they are doing for the youth in our community and the vision they have for the future here in Macon. The Otis Redding Foundation continues his dream to empower all young people through education and music and works each day to continue his philanthropic efforts.  Through the efforts of the Foundation, its donors and sponsors they provide students scholarships to assist in furthering their education, music instruction and the arts and camps to provide a positive outlet for young people. They are currently working with Dr. Curtis Jones on creating a Charter School for the Arts at Hutchings College and Career Center on Riverside Drive. This will be an exciting addition and improvement in the school district once completed. I spoke with them about how we could partner with them at CNH. Their music scholars are always looking for a stage to perform and our Marketing team will be reaching out to see if they can help us with our Christmas tree lighting this year. Stay tuned for more!


Yesterday, Heath and I traveled to Savannah to join the other Georgia hospital CEO’s and CFO’s to present our 2016 business plans to the Division Leadership. Pat, Heath and I spent many hours developing the plan that we believe will continue to help CNH grow in 2016. It was very productive and we reviewed how we were performing this year to our strategic initiatives as well as laying out the plans for next year. Our plan was well received and I look forward to providing you updates in future weekly wrap-ups and town hall meetings.

breaking groundWe will begin construction on the wound care center next week to add hyperbaric oxygen treatment. This will require 8-10 weeks of work to complete. I apologize to any disruption his may cause while we add this exciting new treatment for our community.

We also just got word to day that we received funding to add a new LogicQ E9 Ultrasound to our radiology department. This is a $160,000 investment in improving the imaging services our hospital.

We completed our town hall meetings to discuss the 2015 surveyEmployee survey results on August 8th. The slide show presentation is available on our intranet page if you missed the town hall meetings. You should all be meeting with your Directors now to review your department specific results and forming an action plan. Here is the timeline from this point forward:

  • Action plans completed by Department leaders by August 31, 2015.
  • Action plans reviewed with HR and Administrator by September 25, 2015.
  • Action plans uploaded into the survey bank by October 1, 2015.
  • Required standing agenda item on monthly department meetings.
  • Department leader rotate presentation of plan and progress at Directors meetings (1-2 per meeting).
  • April 2016 update – communication to all staff of actions taken as a result of the Engagement Survey.

Our mandatory 2015 code of conduct training has a deadline of 10/31/15 and should be in our Healthstream assignments. If not please contact your director or Michelle Hammock, our Ethics and Compliance Director. Anyone who has failed to complete this section will not be able to work after 10/31/15. Please make sure you complete this as well as any other mandatory training for your position.



“I had an excellent experience at Coliseum Northside Hospital in the Emergency Department.  I never stopped once I hit the door in the ER and was taken right back to triage and within 10 minutes I was face to face with a physician.  I was in a tremendous amount of pain and they could not have been more compassionate with me.  Even during shift change they never missed a beat.  Even today I called over to the Radiology department and spoke with Judy Henderson about getting my disc sent over to the office for my Urologist, she could not have been more helpful and professional.  I cannot say enough good things about this hospital and the people in it and wanted those in charge to know what a great team you have here”.  Patient – C.H.

“I had the best blood work done I have ever had at Coliseum Northside – three cheers for Kandace Underwood!”  Patient – B.Y.

“Not only did Matt Massey take care of me, he also was attentive to my family and their concerns/questions.  He was extremely professional with a great sense of humor.  The whole procedure was extremely professional.  Thanks to everyone who helped me and my family”.  Patient – B. A.

“Sheree came into my room with confidence and authority.  She immediately started taking care of my needs in a way different to others.  Although, everyone did a good job though!  She offered to help me bathe and was extremely observant.  She picks up on the little things and needs to be highly commended for her exemplary work!”  Patient – T.B.

Thanks for a great patient care week!

Steve Daugherty - CNH