Steve’s Weekly Wrap-up! (September 11, 2015)

Never Forget: 9/11/2001


I must start this weekly wrap-up by remembering and honoring the almost 3000 lives of those who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our nation in New York City, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. The first plane hit the World Trade north tower at 8:45 AM and I, like many of you, remember exactly where I was at the time. This is our generation’s JFK assassination. It was an assault on our nation, our way of life and our families. It reminded us all what a precious gift we have in the freedoms we have and those that protect those freedoms. We celebrate those who ran toward the danger when our fellow Americans needed them today on our CNH campus. These first responders perform acts of heroism every day and do it without fanfare and many times without thanks. Today we stop to share a meal with them and thank them for their service to our community.

heart walkThe American Heart Walk is now just 43 days away and we are not at our fundraising goal yet. Please support the many fundraisers our teams are participating in. Currently the top company is State Bank, followed by Navicent and then Coliseum Health System. We have been the top fundraising team for the last 4 years. Let’s not give up our title! Just a reminder, the walk is on October 24th at 8:00 AM on the Middle Georgia State University campus! No Dawgs game that Saturday so everyone come out and enjoy the nice cool weather, some exercise and your friends and family. The Pharmacy Dept. (Ace of Hearts team) has 2 fund raisers currently in progress.  One is a raffle for a free appetizer from Carrabba’s (Macon location) and the other is a Georgia Bob’s BBQ gift card sale. Physical Therapy is offering massages for $1 a minute. I took advantage of this one, and Frances did a great job. Call these departments to find out more.

code of conductYour Code of Conduct training is due October 31st by midnight. Anyone not completing by that date will not be able to
work. We are currently at 73% completion. Please don’t wait until the last minute.

joint commissionToday the Joint Commission surveyed our spine program for disease specific certification. You all did a wonderful job demonstrating the excellent patient care being provided here at CNH. We will a definitive answer on our certification soon. Special thanks to Kim Mancin, Jan Rogers and  Brandy Rogers for coordinating the survey.

Happy-birthday-cupcakes-with-candles-1If you have a birthday in September, celebrate with us Next Monday, September 14th at noon in the Northside 4th
Floor Classroom.
I look forward to sharing some time with you and updating you on many of the hospital initiatives.

wifiIT is in the process of getting the speeds/bandwidth for our guest Wi-Fi upgraded. Thanks for reporting this issue to us, and know it is a priority to make this service more reliable for our patients and families.

hurricane_katrinaBenefit Highlight: Ten years ago – just before Labor Day weekend, 2005 – 1,300 people were trapped at the flooded Tulane Medical Center Hospital in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. For several days in extreme conditions, we safely evacuated patients from both Tulane and Charity Hospital, family members, staff and even pets. This was one of HCA’s greatest hours and one of the proudest moments in our history. Building on the lessons we learned the previous year when hurricanes hit the Florida coast, we launched the HCA Hope Fund. The Hope Fund immediately came to the aid of hundreds of employees in the Gulf Coast area devastated by Katrina, many of whom had lost their homes. Ten years later, helping employees after a disaster is still important, but represents only a small part of what the Hope Fund has accomplished. More than 18,000 employees and their families have been assisted during a health crisis, serious injury, death of a loved one and many other difficult situations. This help has been made possible by thousands of employees like you who donate generously to the fund – truly employees helping employees. If you would like to contribute through payroll deduction you can do so online at  If you or a staff member you know of could use assistance from the Hope Fund, please contact Human Resources.



Congratulations on the month of August with zero patient falls!!!! Please continue your hourly rounding with purpose.  – from Lynn Hamilton

Congratulations to Daleisha Rowell her and her family welcoming a beautiful baby boy to their family! – Michael Dykes and the ICU team

Patient J.S. says –

  • “So impressed with this facility!  It’s a hidden gem back here!  We even told our children we will be coming back if we need a hospital again!”
  • They also shared that “we fell in love with Dr. Awais (IPC), he was marvelous and took such good care of me!”

Patient D.D. says –

  • “Staff is treating me beautifully!”

Patient L.F. says –

  • “All of the staff has been so attentive.  Darcell Clayton has really looked after me.”

Patient M.B. writes –

  • The entire nursing and support staff taking care of my wife have been truly outstanding, including Angie Eubanks, Matt Massee, Mark Hymon, Dinita Bentley, Sheree Smith, Shawn Holton and Lenore Evans, and I am sure there were many others.  Thank you and God bless each of you.

Patient E.R. writes-

  • Kimberly Hill (Registration) – Thank you so much for all your help.  Everyone was so kind and very helpful

Great catches on the 3rd floor: Angie Eubanks found an unsecured medication in an empty patient room and assured its safe return to pharmacy. Lauren Mitchell found 2 unsecured medications in the nurse’s station and assured their safe return to pharmacy. – Angela Lintz

Thanks for a great patient care week!

Steve Daugherty - CNH