Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (November 20, 2015)

thanksgiving-owlI want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving before everyone begins to disperse for the holiday next week. I also want to thank the Food and Nutrition Services staff for the great meal they prepared for all of us yesterday. I hope you enjoyed not only the food but also some fellowship with your co-workers. It was nice to see how many made it down for lunch. KimSteve Wrap-Up Thanksgiving pic Mancin and I delivered meals for the night shift as well. Deb and Vivian gave me a hard time about my legs so I guess I better dress better next time!

As you know, this week has been very busy throughout the house. What really makes our hospital special to our patients is the teamwork that is exhibited everyday but at peak census is even more important and noticeable. Thank you to everyone who pulled an extra shift, came in early, worked a different shift, floated to an area of need or took an extra patient. I rounded on many patients this week and our challenges were invisible to them, as it should be, and
they raved about the care. heartThis teamwork and focus on patients is also being reflected in our patient experience scores. Currently the 3rd floor and ICU are in the top 10% nationally and the ED is in the top 15%! Your attention to detail, hourly rounding, teamwork and compassion are showing what is special about Northside. Again, thanks for the extraordinary effort this week.

architectThis week we received funding to replace the operating room air handling system. While this is invisible to most it is an important part of preventing infections during surgery. This is a big project that will likely not be completed until early April and will take much coordination to make sure it does not disrupt patient care. This $500,000 investment is critical to our continued growth and success.

We had our quarterly Community Advisory Committee meeting this week. Tammie Murchison, Director of Wound Care, provided an overview of the program and the need for these services in North Macon. We also received very positive feedback on our Pediatric ER initiative and marketing. We will continue to seek their input and advice as we execute our strategic plan in 2016. The members of this committee are: Cynde Dickey (Dickey Farms), Rob Ballard (developer), Canaan Marshall (Event Planner), Elaine Smith (Macon-Bibb Planning), Marks Hudgins (Ingleside Baptist Church) and Cindy Jaraard (Nurse Educator). We are lucky to have their support and feedback. If you know any of them please thank them for supporting CNH.


Our JC Total Hip and Knee re-certification has been pushed out until the 2nd quarter of 2016 due to their schedule. We will continue to track our quality metrics for this certification until they arrive. We will also be leapfroggroupfiling our application at the end of this month for Primary Stroke Certification which means that will be scheduled sometime after the first of the year. These certifications along with our Leapfrog A score and JC Top Performer on Key Quality Metrics sends a powerful message to the community about our focus on quality and patient safety.

We are quickly coming to the end of the year and there healthstreamare several Healthstream courses with a deadline of
12/31/15. Don’t wait to the last minute. Please go in and check your account now and get these courses completed.

We have interviewed two very strong general surgery candidates in the last two weeks. Both come highly recommended and each have the ability to add something unique to our surgical services. We will be having more discussions over the next 6-8 weeks with hopes to have at least one of them here by next August.  We are also in active communications with another neurologist that we will share with CMC to cover our hospital. I am excited about the growth opportunities for us in 2016!

welcome-matPlease welcome Louise Truitt, interim VP of HR, and Nora Gibson, interim Director of Case Management to our team. You will be seeing them regularly here on our campus to support you and our patients.

Looking for night shift and weekend EAG staff

Teamwork and team spirit

members! – Meeting times and dates are flexible and capability to conference call in participants. Have a voice! Contact Liana Rogers for more information at 478-538-0407.

angel-treeCNH’s EAG is sponsoring The Salvation Army Angel Tree again this year. Come by the Information Desk in our lobby- Mrs. Joyce and Vanessa will have the Angels for you to choose and sponsor. Unwrapped presents are due back to Mrs. Joyce on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015 for pick up on Dec. 11, 2015. Also in conjunction with the Tree Lighting Ceremony, we are collecting canned goods for The Salvation Army Pantry. Please bring your canned goods to the box in the lobby until noon, Dec. 11. 2015. Your EAG and The Salvation Army thank you for your help and support during this holiday season!


  • “Today is not the only day that Sheree (Smith) has shown excellence.  But today while we were very busy, I asked her to take a post-op back to back, not only did she not complain but she took the patient gracefully.  Her attitude is like this all the time.  When I am charge, I never hear her complain.” – Stephanie S.
  • Those that went above and beyond my expectations during my hospital stay:  “Jay in ER, Megan, Nancy, Jill on 3rd Floor, Shonda, Tonya, Tanya, Topaz, Patrick, Blair, Dinita, Jaimie (Housekeeping), Rachel, Dr. Monahan and anyone else I may have left out”.  Patient – P.J.
  • “Lizzie Wheeler always has a great attitude.  I never ever get a bad attitude from her.  Her patients love her and I have confidence that my patients are well cared for when she is working.”  – Stephanie S.
  • “Thanks to David Pruitt who jumped in to set-up a patient discharge lounge to help with patient flow during our census of 50 this week!” – Steve, Pat and Angela

Again, thanks to everyone who went above and beyond this week to care for our patients!

Steve Daugherty - CNH