Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (December 4, 2015)

IMG_5400-3-635x472The year is almost gone! I can’t believe it is December already. This is a very busy time of the year both at the hospital and in our personal lives. It’s easy to get caught up in all the festivities and forget about ourselves during this time. The holidays can be emotionally and physically overwhelming so make sure you get plenty of rest and make some room for a little “me” time. Making sure we take care of ourselves means we will be able to take care of the others, our families and patients, when they need us the most.


Don’t forget Tea with Santa presented by our EAChristmas Lighting_Insta post.jpgG at 4:00pm on Sunday December 7th followed by our annual tree lighting beginning at 5:00pm with special guest: The Otis Redding Foundation DREAM Choir. This group will be singing at the White House in February! Bring you kids, family and friends for a beautiful evening of holiday cheer.

Our CNH Holiday party is scheduled for December 14th (spouses invited) from 5:00 – 8:00pm in the 1st floor conference room. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Car-Ornament-1I will be traveling as well in the next couple of weeks. First, Lynda and I will take a quick weekend to visit her brother and our friends in Sarasota next weekend. Then we will be headed to NYC where we will meet up with our son Sean and visit our daughter Anna, her husband Corey and our grandbaby to be. We will be back for Christmas and New Year’s here in Macon to celebrate with Lynda’s dad Gerry at John Wesley Villas and I look forward to rounding over the holidays to visit with those of you who will be caring for our patients. I hope that each of you will have some time to celebrate with family and friends as well.


This week your Directors updated your department Employee Survey Actions plans and shared some of their early success and accomplishments. Here are a few of things that have been accomplished:

  1. Breakfast with the Boss added for night shift to celebrate birthdays and use as a forum for your input and feedback. First one is scheduled for January 13th from 6:30 – 8:00am in the cafeteria (doctor’s dining area) – Administration
  2. Increased security walking rounds to every hour during working hours and at the beginning and end of nonworking hours.  Security also visits this building each shift during the weekend. – Bariatric Center
  3. Requested and were approved for two additional, prn Respiratory Therapists. – Respiratory Therapy
  4. Shift huddles with “Huddle Book” and weekly topics change have increased communication between Clinical Coordinator and Director and the staff on “just in time” topics (policies, requirements, kudos, HCAHPs,  etc.) – 3rd Floor
  5. Tracker Boards moved quickly after requested in October; waiting on VGA Cable for 2nd monitor from IT&S – 3rd Floor
  6. Lift Equipment moved in September 2015 for ease of accessibility; staff using when needed – 3rd Floor
  7. Meetings held with Dr. Oliver regarding creating harmony and teamwork between the physicians and resulted in immediate positive change. – Radiology
  8. Each member of Central Sterile completed list of improvements for area and team working to complete them. – Surgery
  9. Obtained equipment and supplies requested by OR staff members, i.e. ring stand and carts. – Surgery
  10. Engagement of the Day Hospital staff with a PI project for Urology services.   – Day Surgery
  11. Reviewed “My Rewards” information with staff and the ability to access the “My Rewards” site.  – laboratory
  12. CNO/COO attended Laboratory departmental meeting – laboratory
  13. Adjustment in staffing FTE budget of one pharmacist from average of 32 hours per week to a full time position (0.8 FTE to 1.0 FTE) enabling the DOP to concentrate more on administrative responsibilities and requirements by lessening the number of hours worked in staffing needed to ensure all corporate, division, and local initiatives are met successfully and in a timely manner. – Pharmacy
  14. Improved communication within the department  where employees are more engaged in productive relationships as a result of staff meetings and additional responsibility. – Rehab Services

Multi Ethnic People Holding The Word Benefits

Benefits highlight: Did you know??

What are the Well Care 123 medical plan changes for 2016?

  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy: The Well Care 123 plans will offer ABA therapy for autism spectrum disorders, the most widely used and accepted form of behavioral treatment. Participants will pay a percentage of the cost with no deductible. Precertification is required.
  • Urgent Care Services: Well Care 123 participants receive an enhanced benefit at HCA-affiliated and in-network urgent care facilities. This is meant to encourage the use of urgent care and walk-in facilities when appropriate instead of the more expensive emergency room. To find an urgent care facility in your area, log on to and click Benefits Providers under Quick Links, or call the Member Services phone number on your medical ID card.
  • CVS/Caremark Minute Clinic: If you’re enrolled in a Well Care 123 plan and your facility participates in the Maintenance Choice Program, you will pay a copay with no deductible at a participating CVS/Caremark Minute Clinic. This is part of your prescription drug benefit program, and you should use your   CVS/Caremark ID card to receive the benefit.


What’s going on with the HCA Wellness Program?

  • Employees asked for a wellness program with more flexibility, so last year we removed restrictions to make it easier to participate.
  • We still believe in the importance of wellness — we just don’t think employees need us to tell them what to do.
  • Instead of requiring screenings and other actions, we offer:

o             Free Preventive Care: Get a free office-based preventive screening and wellness checkup from your in-network physician.

o             Nicotine-Free Discount: Get a $650 discount on your 2016 medical coverage if you confirm you are nicotine-free when you enroll for 2016 benefits or after you complete the HCA Quit for Life Tobacco Cessation Program.

o             American Heart Association (AHA): Access the My Life Check assessment, which only takes a few minutes and provides your personal heart health score and a custom plan with the “7 Simple Steps” you need to live better.

o             HCA Thrive (brought to you by ShareCare in 2016): Access a new personalized wellness resource, which includes an exclusive version of the RealAge tool, personalized articles and wellness recommendations based on your profile, tailored health and fitness programs, weight and activity trackers,     expert support and much more.


Coliseum Northside Hospital’s investment in you: This year we provided 10 CNH employee’s with tuition assistance totaling almost $24,000. This benefit is open to everyone and has an annual limit of $5,200 to assist in paying tuition and  books for your development and growth while on the CNH team. Now is the time to take advantage of this great benefit.

Hockey Fans – next time you are at a Macon Mayhem game please note our CHS logo on the ice! We hope to have another announcement soon related to our relationship with this new team.



  • Congratulations to Radiology on their ACR Mammography Certification on new digital system – Becky
  • Congratulations to Dr. Chintan (peds ED) and Munni Patel on the birth of their new baby girl Christian
  • This week our Hip/Knee/Spine programs were awarded Blue Cross Blue Shield “Blue Distinction” for cost and quality. Congratulations to our entire care team (Physicians and Staff)!
  • “Thank you, Mrs. Kim for the pleasant and most relaxed visit at Northside.  You did an incredible job and are the kindest nurse I’ve met in my 21 years.  I’m gonna keep everything you told me and take charge.  You are awesome and do a great job.  Sorry I am a handful.”  Patient – T. V.
  • “Erica in Housekeeping is great.  Also, Patrick in Dietary put in extra effort to find drinks for me since I don’t drink tea or coffee.  Stephanie and Auneen were great as well.”  Patient – Anonymous
  • “To the entire staff at Coliseum Northside Hospital – Jamie H., BreAnn, Lizzie, Ramone, Becky, Vivian & Stephanie (to be honest I couldn’t keep up with the entire staff).  From the morning we walked in until the day we walked out, I could not have been more pleased with the way the staff treated my wife and myself.  We try not to bother the nurses only if necessary but there was never a time these guys acted as if we were a nuisance.  Thanks again!”  Patient – P. C.
  • “Thanks so much to Kandace Underwood for your willingness to help with a pre-op patient”.  Employee – Ivey Benson
  • “Kim, you’re a gem!  Thank you for your going above and beyond.  You are a very dedicated nurse!  Best of wishes and dreams to you!”  Patient – P.J.
  • Congratulations to David Pruitt, our CNH Employee of the Month!


Have a great weekend!

Steve Daugherty - CNH