CNH STOP Light Report for 2015

traffic light

At Coliseum Northside Hospital, we believe it is important to provide you with follow up on items you have identified in our Employee Action Plans and Administrative Rounding.  Your requests and suggestions are taken seriously and every effort is made to ensure we follow through.  This report provides you with a status of where we stand in achieving these opportunities. We are appreciative of this tool allowing you to have some voice in the direction of Coliseum Northside Hospital.

Completed! These items have been addressed and implemented:traffic light - green

  • Installation of new inpatient telemetry system
  • New stretchers for ED and Endoscopy
  • 4 new state-of-the-art wheelchairs for ED
  • Approval for, and purchase of, GE Digital mammography unit
  • Approval for, and purchase of, new ultrasound equipment
  • Wound Care expansion, including installation of 2 hyperbaric chambers
  • Breakfast with the Boss for night staff

Work in Progress: These items we are working to implement:traffic light - yellow

  • Request submitted for ED expansion
  • Handrails to be installed on 3rd floor 1Q2016
  • Active recruitment of general surgeon
  • Active recruitment of GI physician
  • Senior administration invited to participate in staff meetings
  • New Specials Lab

We cannot do these now and here are the reasons why:Traffic_light_red

  • Repave parking lot/reconfigure employee parking area – cost prohibitive at this time