The HCA Innovators Award

hca innovators award

The HCA Innovators Award encourages HCA employees to submit their most innovative ideas to address challenges HCA faces every day across the organization.

Any full-time employee can enter ideas into one of three categories: Quality and Patient Safety, Service Excellence, and Financial Impact.

hca innovators award_3You could win a local or division HCA Innovators Award, or even $10,000 and a national “Tommy” award for the most innovative idea in each category.

NOTE: January 28, 2016 is the deadline for employees to submit their ideas to be considered for the 2015 Innovators Award cycle. Innovators Award ideas can be submitted anytime. Ideas submitted after January 28, 2016 will be reviewed and judged as part of the 2016 cycle.


Ideas being submitted for consideration should be:

  • Consistent with HCA’s Mission, Vision and Values
  • Supports your facilty’s strategy or business plan
  • Proven to work at your facility/unit
  • Able to be replicated at other facilities and scaled across HCA
  • Does not affect compensation

hca innovators award_2The “Tommy”

Given to the national level winners, the “Tommy” award features a likeness of HCA co-founder Dr. Thomas F. “Tommy” Frist, Jr., widely recognized as a great innovator in healthcare, business and philanthropy.


HCA Innovation Awards are given out annually in three categories.

Quality/Patient Safety
An idea that improves clinical outcomes; facilitates public recognition for quality or performance; improves use of clinical resources; reduces employee health issues.
Service Excellence
An idea that enhances the patient, physician or employee experience; improves satisfaction or loyalty scores; supports diversity.
Financial Impact
An idea that results in measurable expense reduction; enhances patient care management to reduce risk; produces increased volumes, enhances reimbursement or revenue loss avoidance.