Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (Jan 15, 2016)

lottery.jpgIt was fun to imagine what we would do if we had hit the 1.6 billion dollar Powerball jackpot over the last week, but as we all knew, the odds were certainly not in our favor.
So let’s think about something where the odds are more in our favor like improving the safety and quality of the care we provide here at Coliseum Northside Hospital.

Throughout 2016, we will be monitoring Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock as it sepsisrelates to mortality rate and Present on Admission bundle compliance within 3 hours. The goal is to monitor and improve compliance in order to reduce adverse patient events which may be related to communication breakdowns, optimize patient outcomes by improving communication and other teamwork skills, and successfully integrate teamwork principles into our healthcare system.  Our goal is to improve our identified Sepsis clinical outcome measures by 10% by 3Q16.

We also will be identifying opportunities and implementing strategies to decrease use of reversal agents with certain high alert medications.  A multidisciplinary committee will complete a gap analysis and action plan in order to identify areas of improvement. The focus is to improve patient safety by decreasing avoidable harm associated with high alert medications resulting in the administration of emergent reversal medications.  Our goal is to reduce reversal agent usage by 10% by 3Q16.  I encourage those in clinical areas to engage in these two safety initiatives so that we can implement the best possible process to impact our desired outcomes.

AHRQ Hospital Survey

Thanks to everyone who has taken the AHRQ survey!  As of today, CNH, 51% of you have completed the survey. We are still pushing toward our goal of 60% participation.  We will use this information to ensure that patient safety is incorporated into every aspect of our care in order to provide a safe care environment with the best possible outcomes for our patients.

ACEThis week, I visited the Academy for Classical Education (ACE) in North Macon with Robin Parker and Alyson Cozart. The founders of this charter school, Laura Perkins and Esterine Stokes, provided a tour, their vision for the school and some ideas on how we might partner with them. It is important to know the schools ACE2in our community as we recruit staff and physicians. We also took the opportunity
to discuss our pediatric emergency physicians and how they might utilize this service for school and athletic injuries. We are also considering sponsoring a science lab as another connection to our hospital and health system. What a great alternative for parents in Macon as they evaluate the best place for their children to learn.

Just a gentle reminder of our upcoming town hall meetings. Below is the schedule. All sessions are open to every employee.CNH scheduleOur next Employee Advisory Group meeting is scheduled for 1/19/16 at 11:00am in the 2nd floor classroom. I look forward to seeing all the department representatives there.

Chamber of CommerceNext Thursday, we will host the Chamber of Commerce “Business After Hours” in our Wound care Center from 5-7pm. This is a great way to bring community leaders to our campus and highlight this new and improved service.

I know the Dirty Birds (Falcons) are out of the Super bowl hunt, but mine are still in! Go Seahawks! Congratulations to the Alabama fans (if there are any in Georgia) on another National Championship season.



  • I visited with Mr. G in room 216 yesterday. He raved about the care that Jamie (RN) and April (CNA) provided during his stay with us. Great Job! – Steve D
  • Last Thursday, Mr. M called to update me on the miraculous recovery of his wife who had been admitted here after a stroke. He correlated his wife’s full recovery to the compassionate care she received while a patient here at Northside. They celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary on Christmas Eve. Excellent job to all who provided her care while in our hospital. – Steve D
  • “To the staff at Coliseum Northside Hospital – I am patient from Dexter, GA.  I fell at my home on November 1st and was carried by ambulance from my home to Fairview Park Hospital in Dublin and then sent to Macon with a broken hip and 3 broken ribs and had surgery on Monday, November 2nd.  I have never been in a hospital that I was treated with so much professional staff that were caring and taking care of your needs at this difficult time.  I will forever be grateful to the staff and Dr. Pope.  The Administrator came down and visited and brought the daily paper.  Your good name has gone a long ways!  Thank you!”  Patient – B. T.
  • “We want to thank the Coliseum Northside Ortho/Spine department for the wonderful care I received.  Special thanks to Todd, Jeanelle, Darcell & Shannon.  Dr. Brooks did an outstanding job and I feel great.”  Patient – J.B.
  • “To Angie, Matt & Mark – This is by far the best care I have ever received.  Thank you all for being so kind and patient during my time of need.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.  Thank you!!!”  Patient – A.K.
  • “ LaShonda, thanks for being more than a CNH, you are a good friend.  Making me feel good , made me laugh and most of all made me feel like normal human and not just another patient.  You are #1!”  Patient – A.H.


You are the reason we are successful!

Steve Daugherty - CNH