Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (Jan 29, 2016)

HCA Service Awards

Last chance today to RSVP for the Employee Service Awards Banquet for you and your guest! Don’t miss out on this great event honoring you and service to our patients. It is scheduled for February 4th from 6:30 to 9:30pm at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame with the awards ceremony beginning at 8:00pm. AJ the DJ will be there to get us moving! Don’t miss this chance to celebrate with friends and family from CNH.  Please call now to 478-751-0216 to reserve your seats.

It is hard to believe the first month of 2016 has already passed us by. We got off to a slow start but we have ramped up quickly. Mid-day weTortoise and hare reached a census of 47! Thanks to everyone who is providing care to our patients and maintaining the service level our patients expect. Our ED volume is up 15% over the same time last year. We had a dip in surgeries but I believe we will more than make that up over the next 11 months. One patient remarked that there is a “environment of kindness” at this hospital.

Listen to Your Heart seminarSeveral CNH employees are involved with Coliseum Heart Institute’s “Listen to Your Heart” Screening & Seminars on Saturday, February 6 from 7am to Noon at Mabel White Baptist Church.  Please invite your family and friends to attend.  We are offering a free lipid panel, glucose and blood pressure screenings, BMI, and hip to waist ratios.  Guests will hear presentations on nutrition, exercise, and other heart issues – all free of charge.  For more information, go to:


Town Hall image_CNH.jpg

We completed all of the town hall meetings except for one that is being rescheduled due to the high census we had this week. Thanks for the 92  people who attended and listed to our plans for 2016 and provided some good feedback on areas we need to improve. Below is the list of items identified which we will add to our stoplight report and keep you up to date.

  1. Patient Transport on weekends
  2. Patient privacy post-op
  3. Cleaning of curtains in day surgery and PACU
  4. Stretcher replacement in Endo
  5. Quality of food in cafeteria
  6. Patient care area cleaning/trash pick-up – radiology
  7. Security assistance for employees after hours
  8. Replacement/addition of vents and bipaps
  9. Code Blue process improvement
  10. Crash cart labeling
  11. Availability of dinamaps with StaRN
  12. Air Curtain for front entrance for temperature control
  13. After hours food for visitors
  14. Assistance with uploading documents on HR hub
  15. Purchase of additional IV poles for stretchers, chairs in patient rooms in day hospital
  16. Readiness of 2nd floor for high census

Again, thanks for your feedback/voice on how to improve our hospital.


HR.jpgStarting the 8th of February there will be an HR staff member, Bill and Chris, here all day on Tuesday and Thursday. This will allow them more time to interface with you, assist with issues you may have and support of recruitment and retention plans.



  • “I am writing to discuss with you the excellent care my wife and I received last week when she needed treatment for a scalp laceration.  The screening nurse, Ron, was very efficient in getting her enrolled into the system despite a busy PM in the ER.  After consultation with the ER Physician, PA Chuck Boling was able to apply the needed staples to close the wound, with great skill and concern for Susan.  I want to express my thanks to your ER staff for all the time and effort they extended to us in our time of need.  Congratulations for a job well done.”  Patient’s husband – medical staff member
  • “Not only did Regina Thomas listen to my concerns, she had compassion for my situation and helped me come to a satisfactory solution.  The world is a better place because of people like Regina.  Thank you!”     Patient – S. P.
  • “Want to thank the nurses that accessed my port to collect blood for the procedures that were ordered.  Very grateful to Ivey Benson and Vikki Standridge for their professionalism and kindness.  They gave exceptional care.”  Patient – E.L.
  • I received a call from E. L. (patient) this morning. He wanted thank the nurses,  Ivey Benson and Vikki Standridge, that accessed his port to collect blood for the procedures he had ordered . He was very grateful for their professionalism and kindness and exceptional care. – Danny Manville
  • “When I entered Coliseum Northside, I was wandering around lost and a friendly smiling lady asked to help me find my way.  Now I am being registered by the same friendly and eager to help young lady – Kimberly Hill.  Encourage more employees to mold in her positive attitude.”  Patient – R.C.

Thanks for your kind and compassionate care this week.

Steve Daugherty - CNH