Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (Feb 5, 2016)

This is a rather abbreviated wrap-up this week as I will be away from the hospital supporting my wife in a two day running event on Tybee Island this Friday and Saturday. She is preparing to run the Big Sur Marathon in Monterey, California in late April. While I have never be compelled to run even a 5K I have much respect for the discipline those who run these distances races must have to accomplish what I would only do in an automobile!

tybee run

Some of you have asked about my daughter, Anna’s pregnancy. She is happily 26 weeks in and excited for what awaits her and her husband Corey. They continue to keep the gender a secret from themselves and us so it will be a surprise in May. I am happy to say all tests and exams are normal and we expect nothing but a healthy, happy baby in May.

IMG_6441Tonight we celebrate our employee service awards downtown. We have received an overwhelming response with over 240 people scheduled to attend. This is an opportunity I cherish to not only celebrate our staff’s service to the hospital but also to the thousands of patients they have impacted. I am looking forward to a fun night and meeting everyone’s family.

AHRQ Hospital Survey

Thanks to everyone who took the AHRQ safety survey. We finished with over 75% of you taking the survey and finished with the best participation in the South Atlantic Division. Thanks again for making this a priority.

COME JOIN US FOR “BREAKFAST WITH THE BOSS” ON WEDNESDAY, Breakfast with the BossFEBRUARY 10TH AT 6:30 AM – 8 AM  DROP IN ANYTIME DURING THESE HOURS CNH PHYSICIAN’S DINING ROOM (GO THROUGH THE LINE & SIGN THE FORM FOR YOUR FREE BREAKFAST) This is mainly for nightshift employees but any employee is welcome! You have a voice and we want to hear from you!!! We also have the new birthday gift for 2016 for those celebrating in February.

New employee Benefit- Bright Horizons Offers Webinar for Parents of Children with Special Needs:

Advocating for a child with learning challenges or special needs can feel like speaking in code. You can learn the language by joining the Bright Horizons webinar on Feb. 9, at

11 a.m. (Central). You’ll hear from educational experts who’ll outline the often complex processes required to advocate for your child including:

  • An overview of the Response to Intervention (RTI) process, 504 Plans, and Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)
  • Federal and state guidelines and what schools are required to provide
  • The path to envisioning and achieving a “big” vision for your child’s future

You’ll also learn more about the resources available to you through Register Now: Log in or sign up here (first-time registrants for BHSN passcode: HCA) and then register in the Webinar Series section. Your Bright Horizons Special Needs benefit provides free, expert guidance on your child’s unique situation to help you advocate for and support your child from birth through young adulthood in overcoming learning, attention, emotional, behavioral, or other developmental hurdles.

hca innovators award_3

We will begin judging entries for the HCA Innovators Award next week. Stayed tuned as we announce our hospital winner who will be awarded $1,000 and be in the running for up to $10,000 if selected at the corporate level. Good luck to those who submitted entries!



  • I wanted to compliment all the staff I encountered during my recent visit to the ortho floor.  I was particularly impressed by the friendliness and caring shown by everyone from housekeeping to dietary to the head nurses. Only once in my career, while consulting for the American College of Surgeons, did I experience such a positive attitude among all staff. In that facility, it obviously trickled down from the top, as I am certain it does at Northside.  I am sure you are proud of all your staff, as you should be. I particularly remember the following:  Erin – RN, Tiffany –RN, April – CNA,  Auneen –PT, Candy – PT, Young man who has only been there a week –PT. All the staff were great and my thanks for taking such good care of me. – Patient BLP
  • I can’t tell you how much my night nurse has meant to me. What a kind, caring and compassionate nurse Jill (Morris) has been.  – Patient on 3rd floor
  • On Tuesday, I visited with our 16 patients.  Nearly every one of them remembered, by name, who their nurse was.  Everyone in the department was complimented-from Elaine in admitting to Veronica, Lindsay, Bridgette, and Dennis in preop.  Eric and Sandi make them feel safe.  They love the “one stick and we’re done” skill of our preop nurses.  We got two “This is just so much better than __________________ where I went last time.”  An employee from another hospital, who was very anxious, was delighted.  My life is a lot easier because I have such great team members. – Sarah Jackson
  • Congratulations to Becky Martin, RRT who got huge compliments from a patient and his daughter-an employee here at CNH-for her compassionate, skilled, and attentive care.  She represents the best of us! – Sarah Jackson

Thanks for everyone’s hard work this week. I hope for a little sunshine for your weekend!

Steve Daugherty - CNH