Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (Feb 11, 2016)

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Happy Valentine’s Day a few days early! Thanks everyone for a terrific week of teamwork and excellent patient care. Our high census is an indicator of the trust our patients and physicians have in your ability to deliver high quality, compassionate care. Many people have worked out of their regular assignment and shift to provide the very best care for our patients. Thank you!

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Please keep Matt Massey, RN on 3rd floor, and his family in your prayers. Matt’s father passed away unexpectedly this week. Matt is an important part of our family and we are all grieving with him. We will provide details of any arrangements should they be available.

Today, in the CNH Cafeteria, you’re all in for a delicious Valentine’s Day treat! Drop-inchocolate fondue.jpg anytime between 11AM and 2PM OR between 8PM and 9PM (night shift employees) to enjoy chocolate fondue on us! We hope you love chocolate as much as we love all of you.

innovator awardsWe had 8 submissions for the HCA Innovator’s Awards. The judging team is voting now for their top pick which will be awarded $1,000 as our hospital selection and will go to compete for up to $10,000 at the Division and Corporate level. Thanks for your participation and  innovative ideas that may one day change the way we deliver care at our hospitals.


Here is an update of some of the items we corrected or added from the feedback you gave us during the townhall meetings earlier this month:

  • Replace stretchers in Endoscopy – capital purchase, several ordered and received
  • Repainted the peds ED rooms
  • Opened Hyperbaric therapy
  • Assistance with uploading documents on HR hub
  • Reinforced Security assistance for employees after hours
  • Stopped StaRN program borrowing equipment from clinical areas
  • Added 3 new dinimaps to 3rd floor
  • Added Sara Steady  for patient mobilization

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Don’t forget to check your outlook email and healthstream weekly to be sure you are keeping up with oneHR communications and mandatory education deadlines.

wedding day.jpgI am headed to St Petersburg, Florida this weekend to attend the wedding of one of my former marketing assistants. She is about the same age as my daughter and over the years we worked together, she sought me out for advice from time to time about
life and career. Her father has Alzheimer’s disease and has a difficult time some days. I pray for her that he has clarity on her wedding day. I am honored to be invited to share this day with her and her husband to be. I am lucky to have the opportunity to work and build friendships through my 27 year career with HCA. So many good people and as Dr. Frist always said, “Good people beget good people.” On this Valentine’s Day, forget about cards and candy, just take some time to let those around you know how much you love them. No card can say it like you.



  • “Thanks so much to Kim Edwards.  You went above and beyond what you were supposed to do.  You made me feel at home and I’m going to miss you!  Thanks again!”  Patient – K.W.
  • When things were not snowed under in the ER, Ron went upstairs and helped answer call lights and start IVs, as well as helping me give PRN meds. The patients on 3rd last night for some reason were more needy than usual. Thanks, Ron for being willing to step out of your comfort zone and do what is best for the patients. Payback comes around surely every time. ER was really busier than usual after MN. I took Carden’s pts. in ICU for an hour or so twice so that he could go to the ER and help Ron and Pam handle the influx. The only way we can get the job done is to work together as a team, even if it means stepping into an area we don’t usually work. On that note, Andrew Dasher is coming in today and working 3rd floor to help cover there. The folks who work at NS have proven this week that we have what it takes to get the job done and keep our patients cared for and safe. – Barb Whittington
  • “Elaine Vaughn, thank you for all your help.  Your compassion and kindness showed by diligently trying to make my visit happen when I believed there was no services available to accommodate my circumstances.  You made every attempt possible to get the services I needed.  But more importantly, you healed my spirit and for all of that I say THANK YOU!  May God continue to bless you and your family.  Thank you very much!”  Patient – L.C.
  • Mr. W. is a pt. in ICU 9. Even though he is in his 80’s, he is quite sharp and is up to date on current events and politics. When I worked in ICU Tues. night, he was my pt. He and his wife recently sold their home in Barnesville. He shared with me that the main reason they chose to retire in Macon at Pinegate is so that they could be close to NS. He stated that both he and his wife have been hospitalized here more than once in recent years. He said that the care they rec’d while here, as well as the genuinely concerned attitude of all staff they encountered, convinced them to relocate near us. They have no children or close family to help look after them, so they wanted to be here where they felt safe. Does that make you feel as proud of our hospital and staff as it made me feel? You can’t buy that kind of advertising and the thing that made it so wonderful is that I could tell it was coming from his heart. Just wanted to share that with you all, because with the week we’ve all had, we need to know that how hard we work really does matter and make a difference. – Barb Whittington

Thanks for another great week of patient care!

Steve Daugherty - CNH