Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (February 19, 2016)


Next Tuesday, February 23rd we transition the hospitalist contract for unassigned patients to EmCare. Both HSC and IPC hospitalist groups will continue to see patients who have local physicians and have agreements with these two groups. Dr. Hetal Thakore will be the physician who takes the first shift for EmCare at CNH. Dr. Thakore has been working at Doctor’s Hospital of Augusta and is familiar with our systems and should make an easy transition. I am sending photos of the hospitalists out to the directors today so that they can post in your departments.  Please be welcoming and helpful as these physicians get comfortable in our hospital. Dr. Thakore will be oriented to our facility on 2/22/16.


When I was young, people kidnapped other people for ransom, i.e. Patty Hearst. Now they kidnap entire information systems and businesses!  Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (HPMC) in CA has had many of its IT systems shut down for six days due to an infection of a type of malware called “ransomware.” Ransomware encrypts all the data on a device, rendering it unusable.  The senders hold the key and offer to decrypt devices for a price. In this case, it was $3.6M. HPMC had to switch to paper and fax for registration, medical records, and notes; its ED had to divert cases; and some patients were transported to other hospitals because CT, labs, and pharmacy systems were offline. Our security tools have been catching ransomware attempts every day in recent weeks, and the number is increasing as cyber-criminals see money to be made.

malware protection.pngOur key defenses:

  • User Awareness – Ransomware usually gets in the door through phishing emails phishing.jpgor clicking on links at compromised web sites.  We will continue pushing information out on ways to identify these attempts and appreciate your support in driving the message with your teams.
  • Network Security Tools – HCA leverages a number of advanced, industry leading tools to help detect, identify, and quarantine potential threats to our network infrastructure and end user computer systems.malware.png
  • IT System Updates and Compliance – By keeping our devices, operating
    systems, and applications updated and properly backed up we can prevent one of
    the easiest mechanisms for hackers to gain access to our network while also ensuring the integrity of our patient data in the unlikely event that a  breach occurred.

praying handsMany of you know by now that Shawn Holton, Clinical Coordinator on the 3rd floor, lost his mother unexpectedly earlier this week. Please keep Shawn and his family in your prayers.


We have a wonderful benefit called the employee assistance program. The EAP is a confidential resource that provides information, guidance, support and referrals for employees and family members in times of need.  Experienced, licensed EAP counselors can assist you in managing issues such as: Coping with the diagnosis of an illness, unexpected death, coping with a chronic illness, depression, stress management, relationship difficulties, work/life balance, Return to work concerns, managing emotions, Substance abuse treatment and recovery , and financial planning/estate planning. You can access the EAP on

CNH-Peds ER Logo_RGBWe have repainted the Pediatric area of the Ed and it looks great! So go down and have a look. We still have some signage to put up but we continue to refine this new service.

The relaunch of our Wound Care center is a great success! In January there were a total ofIMG_6151_edited
123 encounters for the month and 38 new patients seen and in February through 2/16/16 there have been 104 encounters and 15 new patients seen. It has also generated 2 surgical cases. We have a great team in place growing this service line.

GA CapitolNext week I will be traveling to Atlanta with the Macon Chamber of Commerce to meet with our local legislators to keep Macon’s needs at the forefront of their legislative session. Next week I also meet with our Community Advisory Committee to discuss our urology service line with Dr. Geary.


  • Josh Shepard went out of his way to see that needs were met and questions were answered.  Josh is a very pleasant young man that is a constant professional that is caring and a great asset to CNH”.  Patient W.E.
  • For several of the staff working on 3rd last night, it was the first time that they have been actively involved in a CODE BLUE situation. Even though the outcome was unsuccessful, it was a good learning experience for them. Even in a critical situation, such as this, it was amazing to watch Josh, Derrick and Dr. G. mentor the less experienced staff and use the opportunity to teach without being condescending to the “newbies”. To me, that is one of the most important parts of being an experienced nurse. “Teaching the next generation”. After all, someone has to be able to take care of us in 20 or 30 years.! – Barb Whittington
  • Auneen Brawley is “exceptional, fabulous, caring, and attentive.  Auneen placed her phone number on the board and told us to call her if we needed anything.  We called and she came to assist us.  Everyone else is wonderful.  Auneen is an angel of mercy.”  Patient – J.S.
  • “I wish to bring your attention to the Super Stars I had the great pleasure to meet during my stay while a patient at Coliseum Northside.  Believe me, caring for the ill is not always a simple task so I applaud these individuals.   My doctors, the lab techs and even the operating room personnel provided exceptional care during the surgery and nurses communicated with my family during and after the surgery. I would like to recognize the following Coliseum Northside staff:  Candy & Misty and other members of the Physical Therapy staff.  I would also like to recognize Elizabeth, who on my last day of stay, went beyond the call of duty to help secure my release from the doctor so I could go home.  Thank you Elizabeth!  I know it takes many behind the scene people to manage a hospital and provide care, but my choice for your Star Award would be Andrew, Rashoedah and the lab tech (I do not remember her name, sorry) that worked the last night that I was there.  These three did their jobs in a manner which showed complete respect for me as a patient.  The service the night before included unnecessary noise and startling me with bright lights being turned on at night.  The Stars made every effort to comply with my requests in a timely manner, even thought they were busy with other patients and performed their duties without disturbance.  My hat’s off to them with great respect for their profession and the way they care for the people who depend on them when they are ill.  They are true Super Stars”.  Patient – R. A.
  • Brittany Varga is an exceptional young lady.  Not only has she helped me out but she took care of my needs when the nurses & CNA’s were with others.  She has been a great help and a blessing.”  Patient W. E.

Thanks for your commitment to exceptional patient care!

Steve Daugherty - CNH