Steve’s Weekly Wrap Up (February 26, 2016)

As many of you know my father-in-law was back again as a patient in our hospital. We bring him here because of the care we know he will receive and his confidence in all of you. father-in-law.jpgOver the last year and a half, he has been a patient here 5 times. Each time he has built relationships with many of you and that gives him comfort and confidence during this vulnerable time for him. He knows many of you by name: Joshua (nights), Jamie (EVS), Stephanie (3rd floor), Dr. Godlewski, Dr.Pham and Darcell (CNA). Many more I am sure I have left off this list. But this reinforces why retention of our high performing team is so important. It makes the care personal and that can’t be reproduced any other way and makes our hospital special. He is back at John Wesley in his routine and healthy again thanks to all of you. Yes, he is still a curmudgeon but he is allowed some leeway at 92! Thanks from Lynda and I for the compassionate care he received.

HCA Awards of Distinction.JPG

Next Wednesday we are celebrating several prestigious HCA awards known as HCA Awards of Distinction. For almost 50 years, HCA has celebrated and commended its employees, volunteers, and physicians who go above and beyond their job responsibilities hca innovators award_2and give of themselves within their hospitals and communities through the Frist Humanitarian Award, the Innovators Award, and most recently, the Excellence in Nursing Award, which recognizes the invaluable contribution our nurses make. The Awards of Distinction will be held at 12:00 in the cafeteria.  Then in the afternoon we are holding a reception/celebration for all of you who are celebrating your first year anniversary with us. The one year anniversary celebration is in the cafeteria at 2pm. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

As you should now all be aware via email announcement yesterday, we are closing the sorry we're closed.jpgH2U Center effective 3/31/16.
There were a variety of factors that lead to this decision and we are disappointed we could not continue this clinic. I encourage you to maximize your health insurance benefit that provides a lower co-pay for urgent care centers (i.e. Apple Care) for minor emergencies. Those benefit explanations were included in the email and can be found on

united wayI want to thank all of you who participated in our United Way Campaign this year. As a health system we increased our participation by 69% for a total of $22,455! Thanks for your charity and helping make our city a better place to live.

Next week is very busy. We have a corporate ethics and compliance survey to see how wellbusy calendar.jpg we have implemented our policies and if we are protecting our patients and their personal information. They will be rounding in all areas next Tuesday and Wednesday (March 2nd and 3rd).  Next Thursday we celebrate the graduation of our second StaRN class at the CMC Cancer Center and welcome them to our full-time care team. Thursday afternoon the Directors will be offsite for some development training so that we better serve and advocate for you.

Lastly, on March 7th we will have a member of our corporate design and construction architectteam and architect here to do the preliminary planning for an emergency room expansion. This is the first step in the approval and funding of this large capital investment. If ultimately approved, it will take about a year to complete. This first step is a direct result of the growth and exceptional care you have provided that instills the confidence of our company in investing in our hospital. This is an exciting step in the future of CNH and I am glad you are here to experience it.



  • Lizzie Wheeler, in my mind, goes beyond the job.  She has done so much and helped me with the small things.  She makes me smile and that is not easy when you are in pain”.  Patient – M.E.
  • Shannon Wood in Respiratory was an excellent young lady and took good care of me.  She even offered to get me anything I might need before leaving.  She was very pleasant and considerate.  Really enjoyed her taking care of me.”  Patient – W.F.
  • Elaine Vaughn is an awesome employee of the Coliseum Northside Hospital and they are very fortunate to have you.  Thank you for being articulate and providing such a warm reception upon our arrival.  WE have never had someone at a registration desk greet us with a smile and shake our hands!  This helps a nervous patient transition to a happy patient.  What an awesome employee!”  Patient – R. B.
  • Brittany Varga is a young lady whose ready smile was of great assistance.  She would track down my assigned nurse, pass messages off and take care of paperwork – always with a smile.  In fact, she even handed me this pen!”  Patient – M.F.
  • Sherie Moses in Physical Therapy is compassionate and very concerned about her patient’s welfare.  She is friendly and easy to talk to.”  Patient – D.M.
  • Shanoy Miller helped comfort me throughout the long night after my painful ankle surgery.  She made sure I had my medicine on time and talked to me during the night just spending an extra minute or two.  Mark Hymon came to my rescue and physically helped me to the restroom.  Tonya Ochoa and Denita Bentley were great in getting me settled and sent home.  Love to all.”  Patient – D. B.

Pat and I thank all of you for the great patient care this week and your willingness to go the extra mile for our patients.

Have a restful weekend!

Steve Daugherty - CNH