Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (March 19, 2016)

I apologize that this is late this week but I am committed to getting this out after a couple of weeks with no update. As cup runneth over.JPGyou are all acutely aware, we have been blessed with the opportunity to care for a lot of patients this month. As of today we are projected to care for 285 patients which is 30% above last year and 25% above what we budgeted for in March. There are many causes for this spike not the least being the exceptional care you provide for our patients and message about that care sweeping the city of Macon. It has stressed every aspect of our hospital and I know the stress it has placed on you who are on the front lines. I want to thank you for the team work and grace which you have gone about this with to serve our patients in the most compassionate and caring way. We will continue to fill the vacant positions that exist today as well as filling the new ones recently requested to help us meet this new demand. Pat is working diligently with the directors to execute a plan to open the second floor and staff it accordingly. As all great teams do, we will get through this next level of growth together, supporting each other and staying focused on our mission: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

Last week, Pat, Heath, Louise and I spent a day learning how to be better leaders bySecret Sauce listening, advocating and helping you in your development as health care professionals. You are the “secret sauce” that makes Northside Hospital and drives the excellent care delivered here. I hope that you will support us as we put into action some of the things we learned, such employee rounding, to continue to improve the work and patient care environment we all spend some much time in.

Last week we had our corporate Design & Construction team here to walk through our architectER as well plan for expansion. As always, they saw things that can’t be adequately assessed on drawings and had to make some modifications to the first draft. I will make these plans available for you to see what we have planned and get your feedback as well as our ER physicians. Once we are settled on the design it will need to be costed and approved by HCA. Then it goes for Certificate of Need Approval from the state and ultimately out to bid. It is a long processes but an exciting part of the future of CNH. I hope you are all as excited as I am.

traffic lightOur Directors have met twice in the last two weeks to review our Employee Action Plans from our employee survey and to update our stoplight report from the feedback you provided in the town hall meetings. These should be reviewed at your department meetings and posted in your departments. I am pleased with the progress we have made over the last year with the continued improvement in our hospital as a place to work. Keep the feedback coming.

Coliseum Volunteer Scholarship Applications DUE THIS scholarship-300x200MONDAY (March 21) .
All high school seniors and post-secondary students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare are eligible. All information (and application) can be found on the HERE on the Blog!

Interested in Helping the Lang Family?

Lang helping hand.JPGThere is a “meal train” established to help feed the Lang family – this is our opportunity to extend LOVE to this family at a very difficult time. The link to the “meal train” can be found here. Many dates in April/May are still available. If you have additional questions, please reach out to Franchetta Trawick.



  • Congratulations to our Surgery Department who have led the South Atlantic Division in Patient Experience for the last 3 weeks!  – Steve, Pat and Heath


  • “Angela Lintz & Stephanie Stiltz are fantastic and supportive.  To my Coliseum Family, compassion is a trait sorely missed in the world today.  However, Angela and Stephanie showed me true compassion and consideration in my time of need.  They were fantastic.  This kind of support is unparalleled.  They unknowingly showed me true loving kindness and I thank them for giving me a shoulder to cry on and a bag to throw up in .  I can say unequivocally that they are outstanding and should be the face of every healthcare worker.  Please join me in applauding these ladies.  THANK YOU!”   (Patient – T.B.)


  • “Elaine Vaughn went above and beyond to make sure I was not nervous or uptight.  This has been a very delightful experience.  She is an amazing professional.”  (Patient – K.J.)


  • “Rusty Merritt, Jill Morris & Kim Edwards – Thanks for your compassion and outstanding care.  You’re a star in your nursing community.”  (Patient – J.S.)


  • “Elizabeth Greene has been an exceptional nurse.  She has seen to my medical needs and then some.  Even going to my doctor several times to see if my meds were the right ones I need.  She is an outstanding young lady.”  (Patient – M.F.)

Thanks for pulling together for our patients this week. Your efforts are significant and appreciated.

Steve Daugherty - CNH