Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (April 8, 2016)

This week, we celebrated our volunteers at a luncheon held at Healy Point Country Club. It is just one of the small ways that we thank our volunteers each year for the IMG_8940.JPGthousands of hours they contribute to our hospital. As I visited with the CNH volunteers, I heard from them how much they love our hospital and appreciate the opportunity to serve. I also heard from them that their fears of not being needed after we closed the gift shop were quickly removed as many of your reached out to engage them in your departments where they can have a meaningful impact with our patients. Some will continue previous work like preparing admission packets, others will take on new roles like sitting with patients in the ED until family arrives or reading to patients to help them relax as they recover from illness. As you see them over the coming week, please thank them for all they do for CNH and its patients.


CNH Volunteers in Attendance at Luncheon: (from Left to Right) Jacquia Hileman, Evelyn Parker, Diana Fletcher, Peggy Zachman, Jane Ray, (Steve), Anna Eaton (recipient of “Longest Tenure at CNH” – 22 years!), and Joyce Norris (recipient of “Most Volunteer Hours 2015” AND “Most Volunteer Hours OVERALL” for CHS! 7700 Volunteer Hours and counting!)

This week we reviewed the third rendition of our emergency room architectexpansion plan. I plan to share this plan with you at our town hall meetings next week. We are now getting the plan priced (which we believe will be somewhere in the 2-3 million price range) and then will review these plans with our Division leadership. It is an exciting time here at Northside!

Pet Show

Join us for the 60th Annual Pet Show presented by Macon’s Museum of Arts and Sciences, hosted on the lawn of Coliseum Northside Hospital, Sunday, April 24 from 2-4:30PM! Enjoy a day packed with family fun including games, treats, face painting, crafts, and much more! Contest registration begins at 2PM and judging begins at 3PM. Registration is just $2 per pet registered. Last year we had pigs, snakes, alligators as well as dogs and cats. So whatever your pet is, bring it with you! It’s a great time to spend with family and support the Museum.

interview.jpgNext week, we begin our first round of interviews for our Chief Medical Officer. It is our hope that we can identify the best candidate by the first week in May. These candidates will be rounding in our hospital, so please welcome them as you do all our visitors with a great big smile.

Town Hall flyer_CNH

Town hall meetings begin next week. Please make time to attend one and learn more about what is happening and bring your questions for us.

CNH Schedule

yoda head_croppedEmployee appreciation month is fast-approaching! Any idea as to what this year’s theme may be?  Stay tuned for updates as your employee advisory group members plan a wide array of events, gifts, food and videos! More information to follow.

It is almost employee survey time again and I am asking each of you to participate to help us improve CNH. Here are just a few of the actions that were taken from last year’s survey:

  • Added “Breakfast with the Boss” for night shift
  • Upgraded Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound in radiology
  • Changed the CNA scrub color as voted on by the CNAs
  • Purchased equipment to prevent injuries to our nurses – Tenor lift, Sara Steady
  • Provided education for Quality Department members by attending Joint Commission Conference
  • Raised the workstations in patient rooms to be more ergonomic for nurses (still in progress)
  • Developed plan to launder curtains in PACU, Day Hospital
  • Added iPad availability for surgical patients waiting
  • Added staffing in all areas of the hospital – 3rd floor, PACU, ED, Security, Respiratory, Lab, Pharmacy
  • New equipment for Lab – UA, Refrigerators
  • New treadmill for Rehab

Teamwork and team spirit

We have come a long way and will continue to work hard for the continuous improvement in the work environment so that CNH is THE place to work in Macon. Thanks for your input and feedback as we continue this journey from good to great!

Next week we are holding a special meeting with our spine surgeons to review our clinical excellence agenda and get feedback on how to continue to grow and improve this service line. We will have several visitors from our Division and Corporate office participate.



  • “In appreciation for outstanding service during my procedure and hospital stay. Rhonda (Milliken) epitomizes what the nursing profession is all about: Compassionate, empathetic, caring and professional. Rhonda made my visit memorable and reduced my fears and apprehension. Thank you.” – patient
  • Congratulations to Dr. Sanjeev as her son led Harvard to its first National Debate title in 26 years. In the 70th National Debate Tournament championship, Harvard Debate Council members David J. Herman ’16 and Hemanth Sanjeev ’18 defeated a team from the University of Kansas to bring home the trophy for the first time in 26 years, reported The Harvard Crimson.
  • “Just wanted to acknowledge Todd Daniels and Matt Massee for the exceptional service I received from you both while I was in your care.  Not only did I receive top notch care, but you both went above and beyond to comfort me and letting me know it was going to be okay.  Keep up the good work and may God bless you both.  Thank you Coliseum Northside for choosing staff that makes your patients feel like they are family instead of just another number.  Keep up the great work! “  Patient – S.G.
  • Stephanie Stiltz, thanks for taking care of my mother.  She is usually very uncomfortable in hospitals. However, you are making her feel more at home by accommodating her needs. Thanks!”  Patient – K.J.
  • “Every nurse I have encountered at Coliseum Northside has gone above and beyond.  The 3rd Floor Staff has been simply amazing, and I could not ask for a better group of caregivers.”  Patient – C.K.
  • Matt Massee has provided excellent service and care to me.  His personality is so positive that it has helped me feel much better.  He was also great with the family and friends that came to visit.  He ROCKS!”  Patient – B.M.

Thanks for all you do!

Steve Daugherty - CNH