Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (April 15, 2016)

Town Hall image_CNHOur town hall meetings got underway this week and they continue through next Tuesday. The next scheduled session is this Sunday at 2pm in the 1st floor conference room. We have provided some exciting updates and received some great feedback and suggestions. At every meeting I have asked about your employee action plans and I am happy to say everyone could speak to those plans and a few of the accomplishments that have been achieved because of these plans. Thanks to everyone for working to make our hospital better.

CNH Schedule.JPG

We began interviewing candidates for our Chief Medical Officer position this week. Weinterview
have interviewed three so far and I expect at least one more before we come to some decision. This is a key position on our executive team and important to advance many strategies and clinical improvements across our health system. I look forward to having this critical position filled very soon.

2nd floor.JPGMay 16th is the date chosen to reopen the 2nd floor for patient care. We will begin with 10-12 beds and the objective is to keep it open 24/7. Pat is working closely with a team of people to make sure everything is in place to make this opening a success.

This week the laboratory received 2 new refrigerators to replace the existing 30 year oldtreadmill.JPG units, Physical Therapy received a new treadmill to treat their patients and we received
funding for a new nurse call system for our nursing units that will be installed soon.
Design and pricing work continues for our physician lounge renovation, Cyber Café and Emergency Department expansion.  There are lots of exciting projects in process to support our growth and work environment.

best of the bestPlease VOTE for CNH as best medical facility and best place to work on the Macon Telegraph site. Remember: You can vote ONCE A DAY PER CATEGORY! SO make sure to vote EVERY DAY THROUGH Sunday, May 1 to show Macon that we know we’re the BEST OF THE BEST!

You will be prompted to enter your email address, then if you haven’t previously registered, confirm your vote by clicking a link sent to your email…THEN reenter your vote to ensure it’s counted!

Patti Jones will be holding a patient experience boot camp at shift huddles to reinforce our “must have” patient experience fundamentals like AIDET, hourly rounding with purpose and  the 4 P’s. Our patient experience score has dropped from the 75th percentile in 4th quarter of 2015 to the 40th percentile in the first quarter of this year and we have gone from 1st to 5th in our Division peer group. Let’s all work together as a team and get back on top where we belong and delivering the care that got us there. “Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”



  • Congratulations to Angela Lintz for being selected to this year’s Georgia Hospital Association Leadership class! – Steve and Pat
  • Congratulations to David Pruitt (EVS) for leading Coliseum Northside to receive the 2016 Practice Green Health Award for our green sustainability program.
  • Congratulations to the Bariatric Center Team for a great recertification survey. We expect to get our results soon! – Steve and Pat



First person is Alec from MRI, he had such a great attitude and was so patient with me. We had to try to get another MRI for the patient in 343 and I had to accompany the patient due to the large amount of medication that was needed to get the patient comfortable. Alec was so awesome, because he was on call he had to come in; he got to the floor so fast, and due to his promptness he had to wait on me to pre-medicate the patient. Alec could have had a pretty poor attitude because I was holding him up but he was so great. Alec was also great with the patient. We were having a difficult time with getting the patient comfortable on the MRI table (even with all the medications in the patients system) and Alec tried so many different options to make sure that he was able to complete the test. Unfortunately, we were not able to complete the MRI. Alec and I ended up having to sit with the patient for over 30min waiting for help to ensure the safety of the patient getting from the MRI table to the wheel chair. The patients back pain and all the medications made it difficult to get the patient safely from the MRI table to the chair to bring him back to his room. Alec again showed so much patience with me and the patient, Alec helped to keep the patient as comfortable, and as safe as possible. Alec really could have had a poor attitude but he didn’t, he did not once show that he didn’t want to be here, or that we were holding up his precious time on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Alec was awesome.

The second person I would like to mention is Chris from the ER. He came to our rescue when we needed more hands. We had asked another ER nurse to help up and we were told that the original nurse was too busy so Chris volunteered to help me. Again, Chris was so patient with my patient in 343, it was hard to get the patient to cooperate with us (so much medication again). Chris had to practically pick up the patient, and then Chris walked with me back to the patients room to ensure that he was able to get back into the bed safely. Both of these guys went above and beyond. – Stephanie Stiltz

  • “I had the most wonderful help today from Trunell Powell in Medical Records.  She was so very pleasant and efficient.  I needed my records for a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and she told me just how to do it.  Thank you for having this lovely person in the Medical Record Department of your hospital.”  Patient – L.L.
  • “Angela Lintz was a huge help to me during my stay at Coliseum Northside Hospital.  She is very kind, sweet and extremely professional.  Angela also helped resolve a small issue I had while I was here and couldn’t have been kinder to me. “  Patient – S.P.
  • “Eunice Canty is a very cheerful young lady with a beautiful smile.  Eunice has addressed my concerns right away and always quick to go to another staff member to help if she doesn’t know the answer to a question or problem.  She was a joy to have encountered during my stay at your hospital.”  Patient – M.F.
  • (Email from a patient to employee Elaine Vaughn – Registration)

Elaine Vaughn, Thank you so much for your patience during my registration process yesterday. There were several issues with my insurance yesterday and you handled it all with grace and professionalism.  Because there were so many issues with my insurance, the registration took over two hours to complete, and several times you took a moment to make sure I was comfortable and to apologize for the delay. There really was no reason for you to apologize, since the delays were nothing you could control and were completely out of your hands. You are very professional, yet extremely friendly, encouraging and personable. Even with all of the insurance delays, you were extremely efficient, and it is evident that you know your job – and you do it well. I left registration with a smile and secure in the knowledge that there would be no issues, because you’re just that good. I hope the people at Coliseum Northside know how fortunate they are to have someone as wonderful as you as the first impression patients have of the hospital.

Thanks for your dedicated and compassionate care this week.

Steve Daugherty - CNH