Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (April 29, 2016)

grade_aThis week was I proud to represent all of you with two local television stations interviewing me about our Leapfrog A grade! This achievement is a direct reflection of our commitment to our mission statement: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. In other words, we must always place patients’ interests leapfroggroupfirst and do it in a way that protects them from harm. These actions we take often seem insignificant when viewed by themselves but make a big difference over the course of a patient’s stay. Hourly rounding to prevent falls, reassessment of pain medication effectiveness, proper maintenance of central lines and using two forms of identification before performing procedures on a patient all impact patient safety. It is the sum of those actions that keep our patients safe and help provide the outcomes that make us an “A” hospital. Thanks for your continued commitment to these important patient safety initiatives.

pavingWe continue to work through multiple projects for our campus. As a reminder, those projects are: replacement of OR/Radiology air handlers, replacement of our boilers (steam and heat), re-pavement of our parking lots and roadways, renovation of the physicians’ lounge, creation of the Cyber Lounge in the old gift shop space, cyber-cafe
handrails for the 3rd floor and our Emergency Department expansion project. Some of these will be disruptive and will require cooperation as we work through these projects. Thanks in advance as we improve our hospital.

Employee Engagement Survey 2016.jpg

Next week, we kick-off our 2016 Employee Survey on May 2nd with a breakfast from 7-9am and distribute our hospital t-shirts. I hope that everyone completes the survey at and completes it soon to give you the best shot at some nice prizes. The survey is live on-line beginning at 8am! As soon as you’ve taken your survey, you can register to attend the Star Wars Movie Night at the Planetarium here!

cnh banner_rough draft

Today, we represented Coliseum Health System at the Mercer Health Fair promoting the services we offer. We’re a good looking bunch…

Patti Jones is working with our nursing directors to hold patient experience boot camps to reinforce some must haves to get us back to where we should be with patient experience. bootcamp.jpgWe are currently lower than we have ever been. We are in the 14th percentile, and I know this is not indicative of the care our patients have come to expect and deserve. Pat has been doing rounds this week and is finding that bedside shift reporting is basically non-existent and hourly rounds are not really purposeful. The items covered are non-Number-1negotiable and must be used with every interaction with our patients. Our service at CNH is one of the advantages that will allow for continued growth in a very competitive market. I ask everyone to recommit to putting the patient first by using AIDET, hourly rounding with purpose (4 P’s), bedside reporting and looking for small ways to personalize the care you deliver. We have to want this as a team and hold each other accountable when we see short cuts being taken. Our patients watch and listen to everything we do. Are we representing our hospital and mission statement at each interaction?

Next week, we are holding our Community Advisory Committee meeting where Dr. zika virus mosquitoBurnette will review our acid reflux treatment and the Department of Public Health will discuss the Zika virus and what we can do to prepare for the summer months where there is a potential to be exposed. These are champions for our hospital out in the community and I look forward to getting their feedback on our Leapfrog score as well.

Parker-RobinI will be attending a reception next Wednesday honoring Women in Business which our very own Robin Parker was profiled for in the April/May 2016 edition of Macon Magazine. I am honored to be invited to celebrate what these business leaders add to our community.

Next week, beginning Thursday, I will again be away from the hospital.  This time for my son Sean’s graduation from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business with a degree inday-15-graduation Marketing. We are excited and anxious as parents as he transitions from student to a member of the workforce.
grandpa mugIn addition, Anna is fast approaching her due date of May 11th. This week, she had Braxton Hicks contractions which caused a bit of excitement, but we continue to wait for baby Rollner to arrive. At her last ultrasound, the approximate weight was 7lbs 12oz! Thanks for understanding my absence from the hospital but I know we have great leadership to keep us on pace while I am away.



  • James Busbee in the OR always does a great job.  He consistently goes above and beyond to help without complaining.”  Physician – Dr. Wayne Kelley


  • “Thanks to Topaz Spivey & Matt Massee for being really cool/loving nurses.  You really made a hospital stay feel better than it could have.  Now it’s been real, but I gotta go!  God Bless.”  Patient – S.W.


  • “The entire nursing and support staff taking care of my wife have been truly understanding.  Some of the standout employees have been:  Angie Eubanks, Matt Massee, Mark Hymon, Dinita Bentley, Sheree Smith, Shawn Holton & Leandre Evans.  I am sure there were many others.  Thank you all so much and God bless each of you.”  Patient – M.B.


  • “I would like to extend a special thank you to Kimberly Hill, Patient Access Team Lead, for an exceptional job that she portrayed during my encounter with her.  Kimberly went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that I was taken care of.  I will never forget the impact she had on my visit.  She displayed a job well done and may God continue to bless her!”  Patient  – M.R.


  • Sheree Smith (CNA), Tiffany O’Neal Blount (CNA), & Erica Bonner (Housekeeping) – these employees all did an excellent job and performed great service for me when I was a patient at Coliseum Northside Hospital.  They were all helpful, kind and most courteous!  Thank you.”  Patient – L.V.


Thanks for your caring and compassion this week.

Steve Daugherty - CNH