Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up (May 4, 2016)

may-the-fourth-4th-be-with-you-memesI am excited about the kick-off of our Employee Engagement Survey and Employee Appreciation Month! Thanks for your quick response in taking the survey. As of this morning we are already at 54% participation!!!!!!!!!! Once we get these results back in June/July, we will make another blueprint to improve our hospital with your help and continue our growth serving the residents of North Macon. See you at tonight’s viewing of Star Wars at the museum planetarium.


I am off to my son’s graduation, so I apologize for the brief wrap-up this week. My daughter’s body has begun the transition to birthing, so my first grandbaby could come any day. Thanks to those of you who inquire about her. It is nice to share these big family events with my CNH family.

AHRQ Hospital SurveyWe have received the results of the AHRQ Safety Survey for Coliseum Northside Hospital.  82% of you participated in this survey.  A computerized comparative analysis identifies those areas where our hospital compared more favorably to other groups (STRENGTHS), and compared more unfavorably to other groups (OPPORTUNITIES FOR IMPROVEMENT).  The strengths and opportunities are listed in rank order with the highest strength and the greatest opportunity listed first.

Hand Checking Box Next to the Word Strength


  • When a lot of work needs to be done quickly, we work together as a team to get the work done
  • Hospital management provides a work climate that promotes patient safety
  • People support one another in this unit



  • Staff worry that mistakes they make are kept in their personnel file
  • We work in “crisis mode” trying to do too much, too quickly
  • When an event is reported, it feels like the person is being written up, not the problem

Falling-Between-the-CracksWhile not in our top 3 areas, there is another that I think deserves some investigation as well.  The 4th opportunity listed is: Things “fall between the cracks” when transferring patients from one unit to another.


The Joint Commission visited us today to follow-up on our outstanding items (life safety) from last year’s triennial survey. Ron, William and Randy did a great job demonstrating the plan and work already complete to be sure we have a safe and secure environment for our patients.

Demolition work has begun on the Cyber Café. You should see a naming contest architect
advertised very soon on our blog. I am looking forward to watching the progress of this exciting project.


food serviceThis week, Pat and I met with the leadership of Sodexo and HHS, our partners for EVS and Food Services. We have reviewed the growth and the demands now placed on these areas and the extra resources/attention needed to continue to meet our needs as well as the expectations of our patients. These areas are as important as the patient care they receive here in making our hospital the first choice for patients in our community. Thanks for your feedback on the improvements you see necessary and for the support of the EVS and FNS staff who serve our patients every day. It takes a team to be successful.

Alyson Cozart, Director of Employer Relations, and I attended the grand opening of the first Kumho tire plant in the US this week right here in Macon. They will employ over 400 people and produce 4 million tires at this $450 million dollar facility. This is a company we want to have a relationship with as they begin to think about their 2nd and 3rd phase of expansion (more jobs) and take production up to 10 million tires annually.



  • “The Emergency Department was great during my recent visit and admission to your hospital.  The nurses on the 3rd floor were wonderful, especially Kim & Jennifer.  Star awards should definitely go to Kim & Jennifer for the wonderful nurses that they are to their patients each and every day. “   Patient – R.J.


  • “For my nurses on the 3rd Floor:  Shawn, Josh, Kim & Kim – Thank you so much for taking such good care of my husband.”  Patient – K.W.


Thanks for your compassionate care this week.

Steve Daugherty - CNH