Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Fourth of July!


Happy 4th of July! It’s hard to believe we are already halfway through 2016! I hope each of you have some family time planned for this holiday weekend. I will be prepping for the arrival of my Mom, sister Diana, and (most of all) my grandson, Mr. Riley Miles Rollner, and his parents Anna and Corey. Whatever your plans, please be safe on the road to your 4th-of-july-sparkling-gif-animationdestination, around the water, and with fireworks, especially with kids. I will be away from the hospital for about 10 days to spend some time with my family. I plan to share the city we call home with them and may bump into you as we make our way around Macon. We are planning an afternoon at Macon Little Theatre to see The Adam’s Family, enjoying the “Second Sunday” concert on Coleman Hill Sunday evening and of course a trip out to Dickey Farms for some peaches and ice cream.


Yesterday, our South Atlantic Division President Hugh Tappan, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Prenav Mehta and Controller Alex Romanchik visited our hospital. We reviewed many of the projects underway, new equipment needed and planning for 2017. As important as all of our strategic planning and growth was to him, both our patient and staff satisfaction were also critical items on his list to discuss. I want to thanks Angie Eubanks, Stephanie Stiltz and Lizzie Johnson for the great interaction they had with Hugh and how they demonstrated excellent patient care with the use of AIDET when they rounded on a patient with him and reviewed the information on the completed white board with he and the patient. We discussed the staff survey as well which I will expand on later in the blog. It was a great visit, and they are supportive of the growth, care and progress of CNH! Thanks for demonstrating the strong culture of caring at our hospital!


We have received the results of the employee survey and have a plan to communicate those results in detail to you over the next 2-4 weeks as well as develop action plans to improve. As a quick snapshot of the results (see graphic below), our overall score remained 76% favorable. We had 21 questions with no measurable change, 10 questions that had a 4% or more improvement and 5 questions that had a decrease of 4% or more. Our engagement ratio (number of highly engaged staff to disengaged staff) went up from 2.655 to 5.125 which is great! Thanks to all of you who took the survey and thank you in advance for helping develop action plans that will make our hospital the place to work and care for patients!

Survey results

We have also received our physician survey results as well and will be going through the same communication and action planning with these results. We saw some significant new doctorimprovement in a number of areas and then some surprising drops in others. Overall, the survey has a lot of great information that we will share with physicians and you to help us to continually improve as a place to work and improve the quality of care. We included a snapshot of the survey in our physician newsletter that went out this week to the medical staff. Stay tuned for more information on this survey.


Our biggest opportunities that will help drive improvement in our patient experience are:

  1. Respect for our patients by using AIDET each time any of us enters a room
  2. Improving communication through bedside report and reviewing completed whiteboards
  3. Timely response and resolution to call lights and assistance with the bathroom

All easy things that each of us can commit to our patients. Let’s start and end the second half of the year with these items in laser focus and holding each other accountable for improvement.



  • Mr. S. C. was a patient in the ER last night and called me to specifically talk about the excellent care he received.  He asked me to mention the following that made his visit great! They are: Mickey (Radiology), Stephanie (PA), Cessalee, Katherine and Kirk. – Steve Daugherty


  • “This hospital is outstanding!  Thanks to everyone in the ER, 3rd Floor, Food Services, Physical Therapy & Housekeeping for the amazing job all of you did during my stay at Coliseum Northside Hospital.  There is not one bad thing I can say about the staff and the hospital.  I am going to miss each and every one of you and you all have my heart.”  Patient – P. C.


  • Kim Edwards was a phenomenal nurse, she was very good at explaining all my meds to me. Salathiel took my blood pressure and it wasn’t painful this time.  Thanks so much for all you do.”  Patient –  Anonymous


  • “From the moment I walked in this hospital, I was treated by friendly, caring and compassionate people.  Even the receptionist at the front desk was fantastic!  I have not had a single negative occurrence.  I have enjoyed my stay here and will recommend this hospital to my friends.  Keep up the excellent work because you far surpassed all expectations!”  Patient – T. T.

Fourth of July 4

Enjoy the Holiday!

Steve Daugherty - CNH