Help Romita Thomas & Family

house fire.As some of you know, and for those who do not, Romita Thomas, secretary for PPU, had a house fire last week. She and her children have lost a number of items. If you would like to help Romita and her family start to rebuild their lives, please feel free to bring things to Post-Partum and the staff there will see that she gets whatever you would like to drop off.

The following are some items that she lost:

  • Small appliances (toaster, mixer, iron, pots, and pans)
  • Clothes (girls’ clothes: sizes 16 & 18 or XL…10-12 size shoes)
  • School supplies

Whatever you’d like to do to help is greatly appreciated. Post-partum’s extension is 4615 if you would like to call to see about drop offs or what else may be needed.

Pictured below: Romita and friends representing “Their House” earlier this year in our Lip Sync video. Let’s Help Romita get HER house back by supporting her during this time.

Romita Thomas