Congratulations to the CMC August Daisy Award Winner!


Congratulations to the winner of the CMC August Daisy Award, Julliet Cannon (5E)!


Here’s her extraordinary nomination letter:

“She is very compassionate, and caring towards her patients. Julliet had a patient that was a homeless man, he was in room 554, and he asked if there was a washing machine on the floor. When she said no, the man attempted to wash his clothes in the sink, but he couldn’t because he was very unsteady. Because the man couldn’t was his clothes, Julliet hand washed the patient’s clothes in the sink for him and she hung them up to dry. While in the patient’s room, she noticed the patient was very dirty, especially his feet. Julliet set him up for a bath, and placed lotion on his feet. Then the patient told Julliet that he didn’t have another set of clothes. The following day Julliet was off from work, and she brought the patient a bag with multiple shirts, jeans, underwear, and socks. She also gave the man a new back pack with toiletries, and a Bible, because the man said someone had stolen all of his stuff. Juliet always goes over and beyond to express kindness, this touched my heart. This is the definition of what true nursing is, to deny yourself for the well-being of others.”