Steve’s Weekly Wrap-Up: September 9, 2016



I am happy to report that we are firmly back in the top quartile for both Inpatient and Number-1ED patient experience and number one in the South Atlantic Division. We are also back to 100% nurse leader rounding daily on our patients. Now the challenge is to recognize how we got here and continue to hold each other accountable to continue those things we know drive patient experience: courtesy and respect, pain management, prompt response to call lights and communication and involvement in the care plan (i.e. bedside reporting). Each patient is a billboard for our hospital; what will their billboard say about us? Thanks for everyone’s hard work to add that little extra that makes such a big difference in how our patients experience Northside Hospital.


Last evening we held a medical staff meeting to review the physician survey taken earlier this year. We looked at Northside as a place to practice and the quality of care. We then took a deeper dive into the various services like: radiology, anesthesia, nursing care and surgery. We have made significant improvements in the quality of care and Northside as a place to practice with our medical staff. As with the patient survey and employee survey, we can’t rest on our laurels. We must continue to look for ways to improve processes, be innovative and provide an efficient environment for our medical staff to work. We always say healthcare is a team sport. Let’s not forget the physicians as part of that team when we are changing processes and collaborating on patient care.

Today, we celebrate our first responders as we observe 9/11. Thousands were lost in this tragedy, and now, 15 years later, we continue to lose those who responded due to the effects they suffered as a result of their selfless actions. Those first responders who risked everything when they were needed the most now suffer from cancer at 10-30% the normal rate of the population. So, while we are 15 years past the event, this will live on with thousands of families who were directly and indirectly impacted for many years to come, much like those affected during WWII and Vietnam. Please thank those first responders serving our community as you enjoy your weekend.


DSC_1568Hydrolysis Reaction_edited.jpgThis weekend, Macon celebrates the 75th birthday of Otis Redding and his impact not only in Macon but around the world. We are one of the sponsors of the “Evening of Respect,” and I hope you will be able to attend some of the celebration. The Otis Redding Foundation was recently awarded a state charter for the DREAM Academy which will have a curriculum build around the arts and music. Long after his tragic death, his family has continued his legacy by investing in the education and success of our next generation. I am happy to call Zelma, Karla and the entire Redding family our friends. I look forward to realizing ways that we can support their efforts around music and education in our community.



  • Bridget, Lizzie, Andrea & Darcell demonstrated outstanding patient care with smiles and willingness to help.  A joy to be cared for by them.”  Patient – C. P.
  • “Recognition needs to go out to the entire team of Coliseum Northside Hospital, the doctors, nurses, CNAs, Housekeeping staff, etc.  Could not single out one person.  Everyone did an excellent job.”  Patient – T. H.
  • “We love Salathiel the CNA.  Wonderful care from Shirley (Physical Therapy), Jill, & Briana.  Also, Barbara (Case Mgr.) was very helpful getting us into rehab.”  Patient – anonymous
  • Elaine was a delight to work with initially in February and now in September.  She was most friendly, courteous, informational and professional.  She is a wonderful smiling face representing Coliseum Northside.”  Patient – C. H.
  • Renae in Housekeeping was so kind and everyone was great.  Thank you!”  Patient – anonymous
  • Kim Hill (Registration), Janet Hadden (Pre-op), Jenna (Respiratory), Laura (Lab) – These wonderful individuals made my visit for Pre-op on 8/30/16.  The entire Pre-op from registering all the way to labs only took 30 minutes and was very professionally done.  I am so appreciative of the wonderful patient care that these individuals demonstrated.”  Patient – anonymous

Thanks for another great week of patient care!

Steve Daugherty - CNH